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Santa Clara, CA 95051
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Stella M.Kemp, Ed.D., Superintendent

"Preparing students of all ages and abilities to succeed in an ever-changing world"

Viewing the Agenda
Please go to the District Website at Go to  "ABOUT US", scroll down to BOARD OF TRUSTEES, then click BOARD MEETINGS. From there move to the right of the page under AGENDA AND MEETINGS  click BOARD MEETING AGENDAS.  At the top of this page is the most current agenda followed by past Board meeting agendas.  Select the meeting you want and click to view the agenda.  

All materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the Board of Education within 72 hours of the meeting are available for public inspection at the District Office at 1889 Lawrence Rd., Santa Clara at the time they are submitted and will also be available at the meeting.  Individuals needing special accommodation should contact the Superintendent's Office at 408-423-2006 at lease 3 days prior to the meeting.

Board Policies
CAUTION!  District policies are regularly revised and updated by the Board.  There is a time delay in Board approval and the updating of this site - not all listed policies reflect the latest Board adopted revisions. Please call the Superintendent's Office at 408-423-2006 for the current updated Board Policies.

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