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October 25, 2018 6:30PM
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Mission Statement:
VISION STATEMENT: “The San Mateo-Foster City School District educates and inspires students to live, lead, and learn with integrity and joy.”
1. CALL TO ORDER: 6:30 P.M.
4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA: October 25, 2018 (v)
5.1. September 27, 2018-Special - SPSA (v)
5.2. September 27, 2018-Regular (v)
5.3. October 4, 2018-Special-School Visitations (v)
6.1. Public Statements Related to Non-agenda Topics:
6.2. Public Statements Related to Agenda Items: Persons will be called on at the appropriate time
6.3. Foundation/Committee Reports
6.4. Announcements
7.1.1. Williams Quarterly Reports

The Williams Case resulted in a new Education Code designed to address complaints or deficiencies at schools related to instructional materials, emergency or urgent facility conditions that pose a threat to the health and safety of pupils or staff, and teacher vacancy or misassignment.

The Williams Settlement Education Code 35186 requires that a quarterly report be made to the Board of any complaints related to the Williams Case. There has been one complaint filed for the first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year.

Financial Impact:


Williams UCP Report 1819
7.1.2. Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA)
Financial Impact:

Actions funded through Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

7.1.3. Student Support and Academic Enrichment Competitive Grant Program - Title IV, Part A - Grant Amount Requested $643,075

The California Department of Education (CDE) announced a 2018 Request for Applications (RFA) to fund Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) competitive grant projects, authorized under Title IV, Part A of the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

This timely grant opportunity will provide the San Mateo-Foster City School District with foundational support to continue and deepen work we have already begun related to school climate and the development of student social-emotional skills with Six Seconds: The Emotional Intelligence Network.  

Six Seconds uses the Education Vital Signs (EVS) survey; a statistically validated, normed assessment of school climate that quickly identifies areas both supporting and interfering with school success.  EVS is intended to create a snapshot of the current school climate and an overview of the community members’ relationship with the organization. The climate is the context in which certificated and classified staff work each day, in which students learn, and in which parents interact.  Our research shows that perceptions of “connectedness” strongly influence learning, involvement, safety, and thriving.

The San Mateo-Foster City School District began this work last year with ten school teams comprised of classified and certificated staff as well as District administrative leadership. These schools began this work cooperatively through a Labor Management Initiative (LMI) facilitated by the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation as strong partnership and coherent teamwork are critical to the success of public schools and districts.

Financial Impact:

Potential funding - $643,075.00

7.2.1. Abbott Middle School - Prop 39 Interior Lighting Project- Cumiskey Construction Company- Installation of Lighting Fixtures

On August 21, 2014, the Board approved the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39) Energy Expenditure Plan for Interior lighting at District Schools. The project included replacing and installing new LED light fixtures at Laurel Elementary, Meadow Heights Elementary, Beresford Elementary, Parkside Elementary, Bayside Academy, and Abbott Middle School.

The District has completed Laurel Elementary, Meadow Heights Elementary, Beresford Elementary, and Parkside Elementary and parts of Abbott Middle School. Several classrooms at Abbott will still need to be done.  As per CUPCCA for any contract under $45,000.00, the District may approach any contractor of its choosing to submit a bid on a project. Cumiskey Construction Corporation was approached because of their  familiarity with the Abbott campus as the contractor for the modernization project last summer.  Cumiskey Construction Corp. will be completing the LED light replacement of wings 1 and 3.

The contract amount for the lighting replacement is $22,000.00 and will be funded through the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39).

Financial Impact:
$22.000.00 - California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop 39)
7.2.2. Audubon Elementary - School Roof Replacement Project - Change Order No. 3 - Western Roofing Services

On November 16, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved the contract with Western Roofing Services for the Audubon Elementary School Roof Replacement and Repairs Project in the amount of $949,179.

The District, in working with Western Roofing Services, encountered two sets of gutters at one portable that are severely rusted and will need to be replaced.  These are not the typical gutters that hang from the edge of the roof.  The gutters need to be welded to a plate that is attached to the frame of the portables.  The District solicited a proposal from Western Roofing to replace and install the gutters.    

The cost of Change Order No.3 to the original contract is $6,471.00 (0.68% of the original contract). 

The cost of Change Orders No.1 through No.3 to the original contract is $120,354.00 (12.68% of the original contract).

The new contract amount with Western Roofing Services will be $1,069,533.00, which is within the budget for Audubon Elementary School Roof Replacement and Repairs Project. 

Financial Impact:

$6,471.00 - Measure L Funding

Audubon, CO No.3, Western Roofing Services
7.2.3. Borel Middle School - Electronic Innovations - Change Orders No. 2-4

On January 21, 2010, the Board of Trustees approved the Facility Master Plan (FMP) which included security fencing and gates at multiple schools as Priority 1, Category 1 classification. 

As part of the District-wide Security Fencing Project, the Administration approved a contract with Electronic Innovations in the amount of $32,832 to provide and install a gate operator for a vehicle drive gate and one pedestrian gate at Borel Middle School.  On July 12, 2018, the Board of Trustees approved Change Order No.1 for Electronic Innovations. The new agreement amount became $51,828. Following that, in working with Electronic Innovations, the District encountered differing scope of work and network integration issues. Therefore, the District requested the necessary field changes as well as corrections.

The District requests and corrections are necessary to change the type and model of the staff parking lot drive gate operator, credit for not pulling in cable for electric strikes (this was done by others), and provide and install one IP based timer for electric strikes.  This work pertains to the installation of ornamental security fencing at Borel Middle School as part of the District-wide Security Fencing Project.

The cost of Change Order Nos. 2-4 to the original contract is $(4,548.35) (-13.8% of the original contract).  The combined cost of Change Orders 1-4 to the original contract is $14,447.65 (44% of the original contract).  The new contract amount will be $47,279.65 which is within the Measure L Security Fencing Project budget. 

This work will meet the necessary Division of State Architect (DSA) requirements including American Disability Act (ADA) access, fire access, and emergency egress. 

Financial Impact:

Measure L Funds - $(4,548.35)

Electronic Innovations.Change Order #2
7.2.4. Highlands Elementary School - Metal Shade Installation Project - Change Order No.1 - Community Playgrounds, Inc.

On June 21, 2018, the Board of Trustees approved Community Playgrounds, Inc. as the contractor/installer of the two shade structures at Highlands Elementary School in the amount of $151,156. The District, through a piggy back contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) contract, purchased the two shade structures directly from the manufacturer, PorterCorp/Polygon.  NJPA is a public agency of the State of Minnesota, and provides national cooperative purchasing contracts through all government agencies, including K-12 Schools and Higher Education.  California allows the use of NJPA contracts through Government Code Division 7, Chapter 5, Section 6500.

For the installation of the frame, the contractor will need to drill 16 holes for the footing of the columns.  In seven of these holes, at 10 foot deep, the contractor encountered solid bedrock.  The footing detail will need to be changed as it is not designed for bedrock.  Additional work will need to be done for the shade structure, such as additional excavation, new rebar cages, and welding plates.  Because of this deviation from the approved plans, the Division of the State Architect's (DSA) office will need to review the footing details and calculations.  

The cost of Change Order No.1 is $37,314.46 (24.69% of the original contract). 

The new contract amount for the Community Playgrounds, Inc., will be $188,470.46 and is within the Measure L budget.

Financial Impact:

$37,314.46 - Measure L Funding

Highlands - CO No.1 - Community Playgrounds, Inc.
7.2.5. Meadow Heights Elementary School - Window Replacement Project - Znap Fly, Environmental Consulting

On March 23, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved Bartos Architecture as the Architect of Record for the window replacement project at Meadow Heights Elementary School (Project). The Project was DSA approved and is being prepared for bidding.

The limited environmental testing determined the presence of asbestos and lead painting on the windows, which will require abatement. It is the District's responsibility to provide hazmat abatement specifications and plans and construction oversight during the abatement process.  

The District, through an RFQ process, developed a pool of three hazmat consultants in 2016. One of the first in the pool is Group Delta.  However, some of the key personnel of that firm left and started their own company called Znap Fly.  The District solicited a proposal from Znap Fly for the preparation of drawings and specifications, and for oversight for the hazmat abatement portion of the Project. Their total fee proposal for this Project is $22,274.00. 

Financial Impact:

$22,274.00 - Measure L Funding

7.2.6. Site Work - Corner of East Poplar and Humboldt - Roux Associates - Preliminary Endangerment Assessment(PEA)- Change Order Request No. #1

The North Central New School Building Project was selected as a Phase 2 Measure X Construction Project at the January 21, 2016 Board Meeting.  This project is located at the corner of East Poplar Ave. & North Humboldt Street in San Mateo and is owned by the San Mateo-Foster City School District.  As part of the project for the North Central New School, the District with Roux Associates, Inc., completed a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1 ESA) report. The report and findings from Roux Associates, Inc. indicated that the State of California will require a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA) report to investigate further any potential environmental issues at this site.

The District, in working  with Roux Associates, encountered an expanded scope of work and investigation requirements of the Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA) from the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).  They are requiring onsite soil drilling, sampling and testing for groundwater and paint.  All the samples taken onsite need to go to a laboratory for analysis. 

The cost of Change Order No. 1 to the original contract is $21,600 (54% of the original contract).  

The new contract amount will be $61,600 within the Measure X budget.

This work will provide the necessary requirements of the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).            

Financial Impact:

$21,600 - Measure X Funding

Roux Associates Change Order #1
7.2.7. ARC Plan Well Printing Services for Measure X Projects

The District solicited a Request for Proposal for project printing services for the Measure X Bond Projects. The RFP was uploaded to the District's website and was published in the local newspapers with the outline instructions on how to submit and pick up a bid package for the San Mateo-Foster City School District. Only three bidders selected to pick up the RFP packet. Only one was present on the bid day on October 10, 2018 which was ARC Solutions. 

ARC Solutions' proposal was vetted by the Facilities Office and all documentation submitted meet the RFP qualifications.  

ARC will provide reprographic services for construction project plans and specifications for all Measure X Bond Projects utilizing Plan Well software. The District's direct access to Plan Well will reduce project printing costs and also reduce the Architectural firm's reimbursable fees thus providing the District with as much as a fifteen percent reduction in overall printing cost.

ARC printing services will be an ongoing process at the conception and completion of each Measure X Bond Project and will be amended as printing service cost are depleted by each project and amendments will be added as such. 

Financial Impact:

$300,000 - Measure X Funding

ARC Solutions Printing Services
7.2.8. Membership Renewal – Super Co-Op

The District's Child Nutrition Services Department participates in co-operative purchasing with the Super Co-Op (A California USDA Foods Cooperative). Santa Clarita Valley School Food Services Agency leads the co-operative, and the membership for 2018-2019 is approximately 230 districts with $81.2 million in USDA Foods entitlement based on an estimated 237.3 million lunches served. Membership in the co-op allows for greater purchasing power and provides better pricing on USDA Foods.

Renewal for the 2019-20 school year requires Board approval prior to submission to CDE before December 15, 2018.

Andrew Soliz, Director of Child Nutrition Services, represents the sub-regional group (30 school districts) on the Governing Council of the Super Co-Op.

Financial Impact:
Fund 13: $200,000 – Estimated 2019-20 annual USDA Food entitlement

Super Co-Op Annual Renewal 2019-20
7.2.9. Contracts & Consultants $45,000 and Under

Per Board Policy 3312, the Board may, by a majority vote, delegate to the Superintendent or designee the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the District.  To be valid or to constitute an enforceable obligation against the District, all such contracts must be approved and/or ratified by the Board.  Contracts are available for review upon request in the Business Services department.

Contract List Oct 25, 2018 Board Meeting
7.2.10. Listing of Payments to Meet District Expenditures

Board Policy 3314 states the following: It shall be the practice of the administration to present the Board of Trustees with copies of all warrant registers for information and review at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees. As Policies 3100 (budget) and 3110 (transfer of funds) provide criteria for Board authorization of all expenditures, both personnel and non-personnel items, prior to the actual payment of the obligation, warrants will be distributed to the vendors and employees after audit by the County Superintendent of Schools.

Education Code Sections 42631-36 requires the Board of Trustees approve all expenditures made by the District.

Financial Impact:
Funds have been provided for the goods and services paid by these warrants through the budgetary process. There is no impact on the various funds of the District beyond what has been budgeted.
Warrant Report 102518
7.2.11. Resolution No. 14/18-19 - Surplus Equipment
The Board of Trustees has the authority under the provisions of Education Code Sections 39520, 39521, 39522, and 39523 to dispose of tangible surplus property if it no longer meets the needs of the District. Board Policy 3270 adopted June 5, 2014 describes the appropriate process for surplus and disposal of said property.  

The following property will be declared surplus to the needs of the District as it is inadvisable to repair and/or is obsolete: 
  • Technology Department-- Disposal of electronic equipment: computers, projectors, and other peripheral equipment.
  • Maintenance & Operations Department--Disposal of three vehicles:
  • 1995 Ford 350 Box Van License # 293294
  • 1998 Chevy Pickup License # 1003252
  • 1984 Chevrolet, Bookmobile
  • Abbott Middle School--Disposal of furniture: five file cabinets, student desks, four teacher desks, seven tables, and eight bookcases.

Surplus Forms 102518
Surplus Resolution 14 18-19
7.2.12. Gifts presented to the schools

Board Policy 3290 requires the Superintendent to obtain final approval and acceptance for gifts donated to the school district.

Financial Impact:
The District receives direct benefit from these gifts, either in the form of cash contributions, or goods and services.
Gifts Presented to the Board 102518
7.3.1. Assignments Noted for Individuals Listed
The Human Resources Department has received and processed all necessary documents for personnel actions.
Financial Impact:

None – Expenditure provided for in the 2018-2019 budget.

Assignments for Noted Individuals HR 102518
7.3.2. Resignations, Releases, and/or Retirees
The Superintendent has been granted authority by the Board to accept the resignation, release and/or retirement requests from District employment. The Human Resources Department has received and processed all necessary documents for personnel actions according to the California Education Code.
Financial Impact:
None - Replacement will be employed to fill vacated positions
Resignation Releases and or Retirees HR 102518
8.1. Student Behavior-Policies and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Student behavior concerns have been shared with the Board of Trustees this school year and staff will provide background information on District policies and the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports framework implemented in schools.

Financial Impact:


Student Behavior - PBIS - PPT 102518
8.2. California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress (CAASPP) & English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) UpdatesWas edited within 72 hours of the Meeting

Annually, students in grades 3-8 participate in a state-wide assessments as part of the CAASPP Program.  These assessments measure student learning in key areas specific to the student's grade level.  Staff will present information on student performance on the CAASPP assessments and current year assessment programs.

English Learners participate in the statewide ELPAC assessment.  This assessment measures student language development in English.  Staff will present information on student performance on the ELPAC.

Financial Impact:


CAASPP-ELPAC Data 102518
9.1. Annual Developer Fee Report

Government Code Sections 66001 and 66006 require the District to provide an annual report within 180 days of the end of the fiscal year and to make certain findings in conjunction with any portion of fees remaining unexpended for a period of five years. Based on a review of Fund 25, Capital Facilities Fund, there are no unexpended funds that would have been received five or more years ago.

The revenue and expenditures for the Developer fees and interest earned on the collected fees in Fund 25 will be presented.

In accordance with Section 66006 of the Government Code, the information in this report has been available for public review for a period fifteen (15) days prior to Board review.

Financial Impact:

Fund 25 per attached report

Developer Fees PPT 102518
9.2. Budget Reduction Update

The District faces a $5 million deficit.  Staff have presented potential reductions for Board consideration.  Further research has been done on changes in class sizes and will be presented.  Additional considerations for future research will also be reviewed.  

12.1. Review Non-Public School/Non-Public Agency contract(s) for the 2018-2019 school year.
12.3. GOVT. CODE § 54956.8 - CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS Property: Charter Square Shopping Center located at 1050 Shell Boulevard in Foster City Agency Negotiator: Joan Rosas, Ed.D., Superintendent Negotiating Parties: District, Change Income Property Partnership, LP, and Westlake Urban, LLC. Under Negotiation: Price and terms of payment for Amendment No. 2 to School Conveyance Agreement.
12.4. GOVT. CODE § 54957.6 – CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR(S) – Agency Designated Representative: Dr. Joan Rosas. Employee Organization: SMETA, CSEA and/or SMEAA
14.1. Adjournment (v)
Disability Information:
"Materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the Board after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection in the Superintendent's Office at 1170 Chess Drive, Foster City, during normal business hours." ----- If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation to participate in this meeting, please contact the Superintendent's office at 312-7348 at least 48 hours in advance.

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