Ravenswood City ESD
January 21, 2021 6:30PM
This Meeting will be held via Zoom Video. Link to join the webinar: Or iPhone one-tap : US: +16699009128,,99295007490# or +12532158782,,99295007490# Or Telephone:Dial a number based on your current location: US: +1 669 900 9128 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 646 558 8656 Webinar ID: 992 9500 7490 International number:



The Board will convene at 6:30 p.m., approve the Agenda and immediately go into Closed Session.

They are expected to resume Open Session at approximately 7:15 p.m.

Quick Summary / Abstract:

Quick Summary / Abstract:
Anyone wishing to address the Board on closed session matters may do so at this time.
3.B. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS. Government Code Section 54957.6
3.B.1. District Negotiator: Gina Sudaria and appropriate staff member. Employee Organization: CSEA
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Persons wishing to address the Board on matters NOT on the posted agenda may do so. Speakers are customarily limited to two minutes, but an extension can be provided at the discretion of the Board Chairperson. If there are more than five individuals wishing to speak during Public Comment, the Chairperson may choose to hear some speakers at this time and defer the rest of the speakers to a second Public Comment at the end of the Board meeting. In response to comments on a non-agenda item, the Board may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed as allowed by the Brown Act (Government Code Section 54954.2). However, the Board’s general policy is to receive the comment, and/or refer items to staff for comprehensive action or report.
6. CONSENT AGENDAWas edited within 72 hours of the Meeting
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Board action to approve the following items is taken simultaneously with one motion to “approve the consent agenda,” which is not debatable and which requires a unanimous vote for passage. If any member of the Board, the Superintendent, or the Public so requests, any item shall be removed from this section and placed in the regular order of business. The action indicated on each item is deemed to have been considered in full, and action taken by the Board as worded therein.
6.A. Consideration to Approve Personnel Recommendations.
Personnel Recommendations 1.21.21
6.A.1. Consideration to Approve the Probationary Certificated Reemployment of Mary Anne Kochenderfer, Teacher, effective January 4, 2021.
6.B. Consideration to approve the Minutes for the December 15, 2020 Special Board Meeting.
Draft minutes12-15-2020
6.C. Consideration to approve MOU with Stanford Live
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Stanford Live will partner with the Ravenswood City School District to provide arts learning opportunities for students and teachers across all sites. The programs will be provided online while distance learning is required, and in-person if and when students are allowed to return to school sites. Programming includes a teacher artist residency led by Quinteto Latino, music teaching videos, support for music teachers, and performances or other participation in district events. 

We value education in the arts at all of schools, and across the Visual and Performing Arts disciplines.  We seek to continue our partnership with Stanford Live for our students to be provided with different music learning opportunities, and support for our VAPA teachers as well.
Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board approve the MOU with Stanford Live.
Financial Impact:
There is no financial impact to the district.
Stanford Live MOU 20-21
6.D. Consideration to approve Payments to Vendors, November 1 to 30, 2020.
Vendor 2020 Memo
Vendor Payments Nov. 2020
6.E. Consideration to approve Payments to Vendors, December 1 to 31, 2020.
Vendor Detail Dec. 2020
Vendor Memo Dec.2020
6.F. Consideration to appoint Sharifa Wilson -- At Large Member, to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee for Measures “H” & “S”.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

A few months ago we presented four Bond Oversight Candidates to the board. Their candidacy was unanimously approved. We have received an additional application and are asking the board to approve this candidate. 

Pursuant to requirements of Prop 39, Measures “H” and “S” General Obligation (GO) Bonds require formation of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) to review and affirm bond proceeds were expended on projects as identified in each bond measure’s ballot language and project list. The COC is required to meet no less than once per a fiscal year to conduct its activities – however in practice, it is likely that between two and three meetings will occur each fiscal year. The COC is to be comprised of up to seven members

Employees, vendors, consultants and contractors are precluded from serving on a COC. Each member serves a two year term with the option to serve up to three consecutive terms, if required.

The candidate is Sharifa Wilson -- At Large Member.

Recommended Motion:
Staff recommends that the Board approve the membership of Sharifa Wilson to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee Report for Measures “H” & “S”. 
6.G. Consideration to approve MOU with WestEd
Quick Summary / Abstract:
This MOU with WestEd will allow us to fulfill one of the requirements to the Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant with the SMCOE. WestEd will help us administer the California Healthy Kids Survey to 6th and 7th grade students.
From the TUPE grant with the SMCOE, administering the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is one of the requirements. In order to meet this requirement, entering into this agreement with WestEd will allow the district to administer the survey.
Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the School Board approves the MOU with WestEd.
Financial Impact:
There is no financial impact to the District for this MOU. The cost of the survey and associated costs are covered by the San Mateo County Office of Education through reimbursement.
MOU for WestEd
6.H. Consideration to Approve Neighborhood Testing Site Memorandum of Understanding Between the County of San Mateo and the Ravenswood City School District.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Ensure accessible COVID-19 testing to residents to slow the spread of disease and protect community health.

The County will:

  • Identify neighborhood/area for neighborhood testing site.County Public Health will identify a local area based on current data and information (with as much specificity as the data permit) where Public Health determines that immediate and increased COVID-19 testing is recommended to help contain the spread of disease (“Target Neighborhood”). Public Health will also identify priority demographics such as age and race/ethnicity where data allows (testing site: César Chávez Ravenswood Middle School).
  • Provide all test kits. Through its partnership with Curative, the County will provide for all COVID-19 test kits, shipping, lab processing, and result notification associated with a testing event.The County will provide test kits at no cost to the Local Partner or the patient (though the patient’s insurance, if available, may be billed to offset the cost of the test). The COVID-19 test kits are patient administered, and specimen collection does not require clinician monitoring. Curative, Inc., is contractually obligated to the County to deliver test results to patients within 48 hours of receipt of specimen. The County and Curative will determine the maximum number of test kits to be available for a given testing event prior to the date of event.
  • Outreach plan.County will consult with Curative and Local Partner to identify and implement an effective outreach plan.
  • Testing event/site logistics.The County and its vendors provide all staff to support the logistics of the testing event.


Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the Board approves the Neighborhood Testing Site Memorandum of Understanding Between the County of San Mateo and the Ravenswood City School District.

Financial Impact:
There is no fiscal impact to the District's budget.

Neighborhood Testing MOU
6.I. Consideration to Approve Contract with Anaya Construction for the Removal of P11& P12 Portables from the EPAC Campus
Quick Summary / Abstract:

RCSD requested proposals from contractors for the demolition, removal and disposal of two mold-infested portablesat the Aspire campus. To ensure that the Aspire Campus has the number of classrooms required on their site, the District intends to replace these portables in the near future.

Three bids were received and evaluated by District Administration and TELACU Construction Management. Based on the review and discussions of the proposals received, the recommendation is to award the contract to Anaya Construction, who was the lowest responsive bidder.

Contractor                              Proposal Amount

Anaya Construction               $ 38,000.00

Coulter Construction              $ 59,903.00

Overhaul Construction           $ 59,000.00

The district is required to provide a set number of classrooms to Aspire, as well making comparable investments in their sites to those of district sites. This project will achieve this by removing and eventually replacing the two portables. The contractor selected will dismantle the portables off-site whereby the spores are better contained during removal.
Recommended Motion:
t is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve a contract with Anaya Construction.
Financial Impact:
The total cost of this proposal is $40,000.00. This includes the base proposal of $38,000.00 plus $2,000.00 for demolition of an adjacent fence.
Anaya Construction Contract 01-21-21
6.J. Consideration to approve an individual Services agreement with PsychEd to establish a bill rate for an individual assessment
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Public Schools have a Child Find obligation to assess all students suspected of a disability that attend school inside our district boundaries.  There is one student at Alto international who needs to be assessed.  These assessments need to be conducted in the students primary language, German.  We have to outsource this assessment as we do not have any German speaking psychologists or special education staff.  
Ravenswood City School District needs to meet our Child Find obligation within 60 days to assess a student at a local private school.  
Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board of trustees approve the individual services agreement with PsychEd.
Financial Impact:
The complete assessment (in person), over the phone and the write up of the assessment is expected to cost no more than $5,025.  
PsychEd ISA
PsychEd Master Contract
6.K. Consideration to renew license with Document Tracking Services
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Document Tracking Services is an easy-to-use web service to streamline template-based documents, forms, and translation.  We can use their services for state document templates such as the School Plan for Student Achievement and Local Control Accountability Plan, as well as receive translated documents for our School Accountability Report Card.
The use of this service will be beneficial to our district in helping to streamline the use of California Department of Education (CDE) templates for compliance documents.  Administrators required to submit documentation will have accounts to log in and enter needed information in specific fields.
Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board approve the license renewal with DTS.
Financial Impact:
Cost = $1850; Paid by General Fund
DTS Renewal License
6.L. Consideration to approve coaching agreement with The Unwound Mind
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Jen Ammenti of The Unwound Mind is a consultant and coach, and has worked in education for over 20 years. She supports the work of developing and facilitating learning environments and curriculum for adults. She is a former New Teacher Center coach and worked with Ravenswood teachers during her time with the New Teacher Center. She will provide support for the coaching team including monthly team meetings and one on one coaching and also support our TK-5 Math Coach with PD design and facilitation.

We have been building our Ravenswood Coaching program for several years now, and these roles were developed to support our district mission and strategic plan. We aim to provide support for coaches to grow in their practice, and build a professional community with each other. In the absence of our Lead Instructional Coach, we have the opportunity to work with Jen Ammenti of the Unwound Mind to provide this support.  We also aim to provide support to our TK-5 Math Coach, who supports the development of math instruction and math teacher leadership through one-on-one coaching, collaboration meetings, and professional development.

Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board approve the agreement.
Financial Impact:
$24,937.50; funded by Local Funds
Unwound Mind Proposal
6.M. Consideration to approve Decodable Readers as a supplemental resource
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Decodable books are designed to align with explicit, systemic phonics instruction. They are simple stories constructed using almost exclusively words that are phonetically decodable, using letters and letter-groups that students have learned in phonics or word study lessons.  These books will serve as a supplement to our adopted literacy curriculum in grades K-5 and will provide book for each teacher at approximately $1000 per teacher.


These texts will support teachers in direct explicit literacy instruction with their students during small group or strategy groups. Teachers can choose to send them text home to support their students during independent reading as well. Third to fifth grade teachers have many students that are experiencing gaps in their phonics instruction and need resources to support their learners. The texts being purchased are focused on high interest reading for low level readers.

Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board approve the decodable texts.
Financial Impact:
$53,422.91; Funded by Title I Part A District Allocation
Cherry Lake
HighNoon 1
HighNoon 2
7.A. Recognition of Trustee Marielena Gaona Mendoza for completing one term as a Board Member.
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The Board of Trustees would like to officially recognize Marielena Gaona-Mendoza for her service to the students, staff and families of the Ravenswood City School District between 2016-2020. Marielena holds a long career in education in the Peninsula beginning in the early 2000s and is currently a Special Education teacher in Redwood City.
8.A. Consideration to rename the Belle Haven Kindergarten Garden and to Paint a Mural in Honor of Jose Ibarra, Former Belle Haven Kindergarten Teacher.Was edited within 72 hours of the Meeting
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Belle Haven School would like to rename our Kindergarten garden and paint a mural in honor of one of our previous Kindergarten teachers, Jose Ibarra. Jose Ibarra was a beloved teacher by all staff and students.



We would like to rename the garden because Jose dedicated himself to it. He always took care of the garden on his own time as well as with his students. He used the garden as a tool to teach his students about life. His family is also part of the Belle Haven community and his father helped out frequently. Please see image 2 for a picture of the garden.

We also would like to have a mural painted on a wall in the Kindergarten area. This mural is to honor Jose, as a teacher. The mural covers a variety of aspects our students encounter here at school, such as our mascot, students learning on technology, reading books, students with disabilities, music, art, and gardening. Please see image 1 for a picture of the mural and image 3 for the location of the mural on the attached memo to the Board.

Our school site council voted unanimously to approve both the renaming of the garden as well as painting the mural on the wall at our meeting on December 3, 2020.

Recommended Motion:
Belle Haven staff recommends that the Board approve to rename the Belle Haven Kindergarten Garden and to Paint a Mural in Honor of Jose Ibarra, Former Belle Haven Kindergarten Teacher.
Financial Impact:

The Ravenswood Education Foundation has offered to help with funding for a plaque to place in the garden as well as for paint. The mural itself will be painted by volunteers including Mr. Ibarra’s family and partner.

Attachment with pictures added on 1-19-2021.
Facilities Bd. Policy
Memo to Board Mural-Garden
8.B. Consideration to approve the Proposal to Bring Urgent Learners to campus for in-person instruction contingent upon acceptance of a waiver by the San Mateo County Health Department in Consultation with the California Department of Public Health.Was edited within 72 hours of the Meeting
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Per the direction of the Board during the special board meeting held on January 12, 2021, staff has completed a waiver application, updated the Recovery Plan, and coordinated efforts and developed plans to bring Urgent Learners on campus for in-person instruction under the conditions that are attached as a PDF.
Upon the acceptance of the District’s waiver application to allow modified in-person instruction while in Purple Tier, staff is prepared for the following number of students and staff to return to campus:
·       11 TK students
·       31 total possible Unique Learners (starting with 1-3 students at a time for short periods)
·       5 Teachers
·       8 Paraeducators

Our first strategic priority it to deliver rigorous, high quality instruction
In the time of COVID, advancing strategic priority #1 (and most other strategic priorities), means we have to tackle three simultaneous challenges:
·       Strengthening distance learning (most students will get most of their instruction for most of the year via distance learning)
·       Start planning to accelerate learning for our students, whose education has been massively disrupted since March. We need to reimagine what is possible to accelerate our students’ learning to make up for the disruptions of COVID. This is not just about a few weeks of summer school, though that may be a part - this is a multi-year process, needs to start planning and acting as soon as possible.
·       Bring more students back on campus safely (we already have ~200 student in learning hubs, need to bring our urgent learners back as soon as we can do so safely. Distance learning is extremely challenging for them)
So how are we tackling these?
  • Principals, curriculum and instruction team, instructional coaches are working to strengthen current distance learning (SPSA goals, etc.)
  • Long term learning acceleration - committee dedicated to this planning and execution, kicking off next week
  • More students on campus safely - we’re focusing the School Improvement Working Group on this issue, including committees on COVID Testing & Monitoring, so we can keep our staff and students who are currently on campus safe, and bring more back as conditions permit
Our School Improvement Working Group recommends bringing Urgent Learners back under the conditions listed above.
Recommended Motion:
The recommendation is to approve the proposal to bring Urgent Learners to campus for in-person instruction contingent upon acceptance of a waiver by the San Mateo County Health Department in Consultation with the California Department of Public Health.
Updated summary and conditions attachment. 1-19-21
Jan 2021 Waiver Application
Recovery Plan
SWIG and Back to Campus Conditions.
8.C. Consideration to approve a Consultant Contract between the Ravenswood City School District and Roy Advisors, LLC to Coordinate Strategic Pandemic Response Efforts, effective January 2021 through December 2021.Was edited within 72 hours of the Meeting
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Proposed Scope of Work

Ms. Roy will support the district to coordinate strategic pandemic response efforts. We anticipate her priorities in January - March 2021 would include: 


  2. COVID TESTING: Develop and project manage a plan to implement a rapid antigen testing pilot program 

  3. COVID VACCINES: Develop and project manage a plan to proactively advocate for COVID vaccinations to encourage educators and students to return to campus for in-person instruction

  4. STRATEGIC PLAN: Develop and coordinate an engagement process that informs the Supt and Cabinet in order to support them to update the strategic initiatives in the context of COVID.

  5. COVID INFO & RESPONSE: Serve as the district’s strategic COVID response lead, including staying up to speed on new information and disseminating that information as needed throughout the district to ensure we’re operating in alignment with the latest requirements and guidance, and coordinating strategic responses as issues or opportunities arise

  6. OTHER SUPPORT AS NEEDED: Coordinate strategic responses to other opportunities/ crisis management issues as they arise, particularly those arising in response to COVID.

Over the course of the year, her support would include but not be limited to the following activities:

  1. Design and facilitate processes to engage our community in decision-making, and communicate process and outcomes to ensure transparency and build buy-in;

  2. Support monitoring and reporting on progress toward the district’s strategic plan, and proactively identify ways that the pandemic might impact implementation of the plan;

  3. Facilitate and support the SY20-21 School Improvement Working Group and Steering Committee, under the direction of the Supt., including proposing agendas, preparing materials / reports for the group, co-facilitating meetings, and following up as needed afterwards;

  4. Lead cross-functional or strategic initiatives to ensure effective, timely implementation (as assigned and approved by the Supt.), particularly those in response to needs or opportunities brought up by the pandemic;

  5. Conduct research, data gathering, analysis and synthesis as needed to inform decision-making.


Context & Contract Purpose

The Ravenswood City School District approved a strategic plan in early 2020 that laid out a bold vision and roadmap to transform the district over the next several years. Then in March, the COVID-19 pandemic forced RCSD schools to shift to instruction via distance learning for the rest of the school year and into Fall 2020. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted communities of color, like East Palo Alto, and the shelter-in-place restrictions caused significant hardship to many of our families. 

Although the conditions in our community and our world have changed dramatically since the strategic plan was adopted less than a year ago, the district continues to believe that the vision and priorities in this plan remain as relevant and essential as ever. However, we need to revisit the strategic initiatives and milestones, to ensure that they reflect our new context and challenges. We also need to identify additional initiatives that have taken priority as we adapt to the new health and safety constraints on how we serve students in the pandemic environment.

Developing new models of instruction and operations under these new conditions (distance learning, hybrid learning, etc.) and coordinating multiple cross-functional initiatives is placing significant strain on existing district staff, who are also still responsible for accomplishing their ongoing daily responsibilities to keep the district / schools / classrooms functioning well. A lack of bandwidth to focus on cross-functional initiatives and move forward our strategic priorities could limit our ability to move as quickly as we would like to meet the needs of our community.

To ensure we advance our strategic priorities despite these unprecedented circumstances, the district proposes to contract with Ann Waterman Roy to provide additional project management, strategic planning, implementation, analysis, engagement & communications support.

Ms. Roy brings nearly two decades of school, district and nonprofit leadership experience, including leading a high-performing public middle school in East Boston, MA and serving as Director of Strategic Planning at Boston Public Schools before relocating to the Bay Area six years ago. Ms. Roy has worked closely with the Ravenswood leadership team over the past year and a half in her role as VP, Partnerships at Innovate Public Schools. In that role, she helped design and implement the community engagement process last fall for our school mergers, co-facilitated our Reopening Schools Task Force this summer and helped coordinate and write our Recovery Plan and Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan this summer and fall.
Recommended Motion:
The recommendation to the Board is to approve the consultant contract between the District and Roy Advisors, LLC to coordinate the strategic pandemic response efforts.
Financial Impact:

There is no fiscal impact on the general fund.The cost of services will be covered by restricted Ravenswood Education Foundation funding.

1. Consultant’s billing rate will be hourly, based on the calculations below: 




Base compensation

$125 / hour

This is comparable to or lower than other similar consultants, and lower than other specialized consultants

Sick leave, vacation, paid time off


Consultant is only paid for hours actually worked

Benefits (health insurance, pension, etc.)


Consultant is responsible for paying for her own benefits, unlike employees

Taxes and Fees


Consultant is responsible for all employment and other relevant taxes, unlike employees

Technology & Office Supplies


Consultant is responsible for providing own laptop, office supplies, etc.


$125 / hour

2. The Superintendent shall, at their discretion, approve the specific scope of work and number of hours each week. The hours are anticipated to average 20 hours per week, with a maximum total of 960 hours over the term of the contract. Total maximum contract payments shall be no more than $120,000.
3. Consultant shall submit a monthly invoice to the District for services rendered under this Agreement no later than the 10th day of the succeeding month. The invoice shall be submitted to Accounts Payable, and shall set forth the week that services were performed, the amount of time expended by Consultant on each matter rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour, and a specific description of the services performed.


The term of this Agreement shall be from January 22, 2021 until December 31, 2021 unless terminated earlier by the District. The District may, at any time from execution of Agreement, terminate this Agreement, in whole or in part, for the convenience of the District, by giving written notice specifying the effective date and scope of such termination. In the event of termination, all finished or unfinished documents, data, studies, reports, and materials (hereafter referred to as materials) prepared by Consultant under this Agreement shall become the property of the District and shall be promptly delivered to the District. In the event of termination, Consultant shall be paid for all work satisfactorily performed until termination.

Note: Updated Agreement. Attachment added 1-19-2021.

Consulting Agreement with Roy Advisors, LLC
8.D. Second Quarterly Report on Williams Uniform Complaints 2020-2021, Education Code §35186 (October 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.)
Quick Summary / Abstract:
No complaints were filed with any school in the district during the 2020-2021 second quarter (October - December) regarding Instructional Materials and Textbooks, Facility Conditions and Teacher Vacancy or Misassignment.
All school districts are required to adopt a complaint procedure (or modify an existing procedure) to include complaints regarding instructional materials, facilities and teacher misassignments or vacancies. A notice must be posted in every classroom informing the public of the textbook sufficiency standard and the facility standard, and the availability of complaint forms. The procedure must establish where to file the complaint, who is responsible for resolution, and the time allowed for resolution of the complaint. The Williams Uniform Complaint form can be found at all school sites and on our district website under Human Resources. 
2nd Williams UCPQ Report 20-21
9.A. Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CCEIS) Special Education Presentation
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Significant Disproportionality Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services Plan is a State oversight process to ensure that certain ethinic groups are not over identified for Special Education Services and if they are, this is the process districts in California need to go through in order to make a change. 
Ravenswood is considered Significantly Disproportionate as 6 out of 23 of our students identified under Other Health Impairment are African American.  This comprises 25% of that particular group whereas African American Students comprise 6.4% of our total population in the 2020-2021 school year.
Financial Impact:
The state directs that we have a 15% set aside from both Resource 3310 and 3325 to interventions identified in our CCEIS plan - this equals a total of $92,370.89.
CCEIS - Special Education Board Presentation
10.A. Consideration to approve the School Accountability Report CardsWas edited within 72 hours of the Meeting
Quick Summary / Abstract:
State law requires that schools receiving state funding prepare and distribute a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about each school, including reporting on school and district data aligned to the state priorities from the Quality Schooling Framework.
Recommended Motion:

It is recommended that the board approve the schools' School Accountability Report Cards.

Updated Los Robles-Ronald McNair SARC was updated 1-21-21
Belle Haven SARC
Costano SARC
Updated LR-RMcN SARC
11.A. Consideration to Approve the Employment/Assignment of Caroline Morales as Preschool Special Education Teacher on the Basis of a Credential Waiver, Effective December 14, 2020.
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires employee assignments on the basis of a credential waiver to be presented to the governing board of the school district in a public meeting showing the name of the applicant, the specific assignment, and the fact that employment will be on the basis of a credential waiver. A variable term waiver allows the employing agency to assign identified individuals when there is an insufficient number of certificated persons who meet the specified employment criteria for the position.

Caroline Morales will be eligible for an intern Education Specialist Instruction Credential with an Early Childhood Special Education authorization in Spring of 2021. She has already completed 18 upper division semester units in Special Education with a focus on Early Childhood Special Education at Brandman University. She continues to work towards her Master of Arts in Teaching with a Preliminary Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential. Previously, Caroline has worked as a preschool paraeducator. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Morales has not been able to complete the Basic Skills Requirement to be eligible for other permitting documents through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This credential waiver will allow Ms. Morales additional time to complete the Basic Skills Requirement.

Recommended Motion:
Approve the Employment/Assignment of Caroline Morales as Preschool Special Education Teacher on the Basis of a Credential Waiver, Effective December 14, 2020.
Financial Impact:
RTA Salary Schedule, Range AB, Step 1 ($51,823)
12.A. Primary School Lease Amendment
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Last summer (2020), we entered into a 10 year lease with the Primary School (TPS). TPS is making significant facilities enhancements to the campus, and would like to amend the lease to clarify aspects of those investments. 

This includes changes proposed by the board, including identifying a per-portable rate and further clarifying the situations that this agreement applies to. 

Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board approve this lease amendment. 
Financial Impact:
There is no cost to the district for this amendment. 
TPS First Lease Amendment
12.B. MOU between CSEA and RCSD on Classified Summer Assistance Program (CSEAP)
Quick Summary / Abstract:

CSEAP is a state-run program that allows encourages CSEA employees to save during the summer. These employees can receive matching funds at a very low cost to the district. 

Here is how the program works:

  • CSE  members must be eligible to apply. Eligible employees:
    • Work fewer than 11-months a year;
    • Have been employed for at least one year;
    • Earn less than $62,400.
  • Employees can set aside up to 10% of their paycheck and have the state match those funds up to a dollar for dollar match. 
    • For example, if your paycheck was $4,000 a month, you could save a maximum of 10% ($400) each month. During the year, if you saved the maximum $4,000 ($400 a month for 10 months). After the end of the summer (no earlier than August 31st, 2022), you would receive up to $8,000 -- your initial $4,000 and an additional $4,000 in state matching funds.
    • That means that you would start saving in August or September, 2021 and you would receive the additional funds in July and August of 2022. 
Recommended Motion:
It is recommended that the board approve this MOU.
Financial Impact:

The district is responsible for the payroll taxes from this program. As this is our first year of the program, it is difficult to forecast the costs here. However, we can estimate the district's maximum exposure. If all CSEA employees were to contribute the maximum amounts (highly unlikely) and the state was to fully fund the program (likely), this could cost the district ~$60,000. However, in this scenario, our CSEA employees would receive roughly $800,000 in additional state funding in that scenario. 

303 CSEA MOU 2021-22
13.A. Consideration to approve Resolution No. 2020/2021 -13, Board Members Excused Absences.
Res. 2020-2021 -13 Bdexcabsences
13.B. Consideration to approve a Board Policy regarding Recognition of Board Members who completed their terms.
13.C. Consideration to approve the District Representative to the County Committee on School District Organization.
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The Governing Board Representative (GBR) attends an Annual Meeting for the selection of County Committee on School District Organization (CCSDO) members.  This meeting is usually held in November at the San Mateo County Office of Education.
13.D. Subcommittee: Facilities for Discussion and/or Action.
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The Facilities Committee considers information and makes recommendations to the Board with respect to: building, maintenance and custodial operations; construction and renewal; capital planning process; attendance areas; school closure and consolidation; site acquisitions, declarations and disposal of surplus property; leasing and letting; education development charges; community use of facilities; system enrolment reporting; occupational health and safety; other matters referred to the Committee.
13.E. Subcommittee: Curriculum & Instruction for Discussion and/or Action.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Description: The Curriculum Committee shall have the following objectives:

Assure the alignment of language arts, math, and science curriculum to the state framework.

Review and if necessary, refine grade level expectations.

Assure that internal testing instruments are aligned with curriculum and state testing.

Assure that the testing process is well organized and consistent throughout the District.

Review academic support programs such as libraries and tutoring centers, etc.

Review and if necessary, refine report card system.

13.F. Subcommittee: Budget for Discussion and/or Action.
13.G. Subcommittee: School Improvement Working Group for Discussion and/or Action.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

Plan to bring Urgent Learners back to campus.

Objectives: Discuss the proposed focus on planning to bring students back on campus.

  • Three major challenges facing the district (First three months of the school year)
    • Distance learning implementation, 
    • Bringing more students back on campus, and 
    • Planning for long term learning recovery
  • Next three months are critical for planning to bring students back on campus - need this group’s help
    • Currently planning to be ready to bring urgent learners back by 1/25
    • Will phase in, adjust, and bring more students back over time
    • Need lots of planning, reflection and effective communication
13.H. Subcommittee: Intergovernmental Affairs for Discussion and/or Action.
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The purpose of the Inter-Governmental Affairs Committee (Ravenswood and City of East Palo Alto) is to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration on issues and projects of mutual concern as identified by the City Council and the Board of Trustees and their respective staff and to identify issues or projects that require policy direction or approval from the City Council and School Board and present recommendations or options for consideration. 
13.I. Subcommittee: Joint School Board/Superintendent Committee with Sequoia High School District for Discussion and/or Action.
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The Joint School Board/Superintendent Committee with Sequoia High School District works on 8th grade transition and partnership.
13.J. Board Reports/Communications
13.K. Next Regular Board Meeting: February 11, 2021.


Published: January 18, 2021, 5:46 PM

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