Special Study Session - SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
April 01, 2015 4:00PM
District Office - Meeting Room 310 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA 94903

Quick Summary / Abstract:
President Natu Tuatagaloa, Vice President Rachel Kertz Trustee Linda M. Jackson, Trustee Greg Knell, Trustee Maika Llorens Gulati
President Tuatagaloa convened the meeting to Open Session at 4:40 PM.

Trustees present were:
Natu Tuatagaloa
Rachel Kertz
Linda M. Jackson
Greg Knell
Maika Llorens Gulati

Administrators in the audience were:
Dan Zaich
Jennifer Lynch
Lars Christensen
Cecelia Perez
Scott Carson

Paul Cohen led the Pledge of Allegiance.
III. PUBLIC COMMENTS on Agendized Items
Quick Summary / Abstract:
Trustees will receive and discuss information presented by: Marcus Hibser of Hibser Yamauchi Architects, Inc.; Bruce Kerns, Underwriter with Stifel Financial Corp Advisor; Greg Ison, Financial with Isom Financial Advisors, A Division of Urban Futures Incorp.; and Charles Heath with TBWB Strategies on the master facilities planning process and bonding capacity.
CBO Thomas introduced architect Marc Hibser who was present to update the Board on the master facilities planning process, Bruce Kerns and his financial team who will be speaking to the districts' bonding capacity, and Charles Heath of TBWB for communication and messaging about facilities needs and bond.

Master Facilities Planning Update:
Mr. Hibser provided an update on the master facilities plan visioning and prioritization process. He reported there are 2 more visioning meetings left; Venetia Valley and San Rafael HS. Over 230 participants around the district, including staff and neighbors have participated in meetings so far. Some sites were combined. These meetings have provided good feedback for each site. He met with Paul Jensen of the City of San Rafael and received good positive feedback on the plans, noting that the city has no jurisdiction over the district’s projects, only curb cuts on/off campuses.

Mr. Hibser reviewed the board’s objectives for the site master planning with projected growth: 24 standard classroom limitation, reopen Old Gallinas in phases, Venetia Valley to remain a K-8 and accept Old Gallinas students; and Davidson MS maximum of 1400 students.

Mr. Hibser reviewed site by site draft plans to provide what is needed with existing conditions to handle enrollment growth. Input received from visioning meetings is included.

Bahia Vista:
- Canopies in front of the school are needed to provide protection from the weather; a new building for restrooms and science classrooms, and the safety of nearby high power lines needs to be determined.

- One classroom added for capacity; computer lab adjacent to the library, drop off area redo that includes a bus drop-off, and additional parking. Mr. Hibser responded to trustee feedback and questions regarding providing notification to the city childcare on site, fire access modification that may be needed, and ability to keep more playground space.

- Looking at expansion of campus to go up 2 stories instead of out, to maintain playground space; add K dedicated bathrooms and play yard; MPR expansion, expand office, move library, maintaining fields and playground space. Mr. Hibser responded to trustee feedback and questions regarding drop offs and parking lot, the property to the south of the school, and approximately 60% of those who attended visioning meetings were staff members.

Laurel Dell:
- expansion from 9 to 12 classrooms, going up 2 stories with some demolition of existing buildings, underground parking, designated play space needed for K classrooms. Mr. Hibser responded to trustee feedback and questions regarding location of the second story on the campus; take neighborhood into consideration on the height of the building, explore on the Eva street side.

San Pedro:
- increase parking, portable replacement and 2 story expansion, expand the administration building, make changes to the entrance of the campus.

- looking at demolition and replacing the site with 2 stories to meet CDE campus size requirement; 2nd story playground proposed

Sun Valley:
- adding 2 classrooms for growth, 2 story classroom space add on, expansion of the dropoff area and parking, dedicated K restroom and play space, expand administration office, and remedy MPR issues.

Davidson MS:
- needs MPR separate from gym, expansion of the administration office, 2 story expansion of buildings throughout the campus, shop and career technology building improvements, expansion of the annex, changes and expansion of drop off and parking at the school entrance.

Venetia Valley:
- Mr. Hibser noted that Venetia Valley has not yet seen these draft plans; their visioning meeting is coming up soon. The plans include: dramatic proposal for 2 story expansion to prepare for future growth from Old Gallinas; need for a MPR and gym, dedicated grade level playgrounds for ESD and MS areas, addressing noise around the campus, and expansion of parking and drop off to address traffic concerns. Mr. Hibser responded to trustee comments and questions regarding the 2 story building and any privacy issues for neighbors, moving of the fire lane and sound wall.

Old Gallinas:
- Phase 1 and 2 were reviewed. Visioning meetings for this site will be held in the future. Community Action Marin is interested in a joint use partnership with the district to keep their program on campus.

San Rafael and Madrone HS:
- Mr. Hibser noted this is the district’s most complicated campus. Plans include: expansion/conversions to increase the number of classrooms, expansion of food service to improve delivery capability, demolition of some older buildings to increase capacity and provide better facilities, 2 story expansion and relocation of the administration office to the front of the campus, a new theatre to replace the Bulldog theatre, grouping of art, drama and music buildings for consolidation of functions, locker room expansion and improved physical education capabilities, science and CTE expansion, and the addition of a raised plaza to create a grand entrance to the school. Daycare relocation discussions are ongoing. A stadium master plan is included in this process, with expanded parking near the gym. San Rafael HS address would change to 3rd Street where the new administration office would be relocated.

Madrone would be relocated into a new building on the Mission side of campus with a Mission Street address; with a clear definition of MHS and SRHS spaces, including a designated basketball court and garden area for MHS.

Mr. Hibser and staff responded to trustee feedback and questions regarding concerns about adding more traffic to the back of the school, positioning of parking as included in the Carducci Associates stadium design, concerns over moving of the music department nearer to the neighborhood, and the best places for safe drop off of students.

Terra Linda HS:
- new 2 story administration building with staff lounge, build a Student Center/new Cafeteria/new Food Services, new music room w/ theatre, increase classroom space by moving administration out of current space, library and computer lab renovation, addition of a second gym, create a formal entrance to stadium, expand CTE, expand the district office in the current location, reinvent the driveway/drop off area to address traffic issues.

Mr. Hibser noted that the final presentation will be brought to the Board in May, but board feedback from this evening will define priorities for decisions and recommendations. He explained cost estimate methodology for creating budget scenarios. He noted the importance of the labor pool with contractors to avoid added costs and scheduling issues. He reviewed soft costs such as architects, engineers, permits, testing, inspectors, CEQA. He reviewed escalation of 4-5% per year and contingency of 5%.

He reviewed the following preliminary budget estimates:
- Increasing capacity and replacement of portables - $72M
- ESD estimates for today’s master plan proposal - $258M
- Phase 1 recommendations to address most critical needs - $133M
- Phase 1 with modular construction - $113M
- Recommendation option details were reviewed
- Master plan flexibility options for MS, and ESD classroom needs were reviewed.
- Preliminary estimate - $182M
- Recommended preliminary - $117M
- Phase 1 with modular construction - $105M
- Recommendation details for Phase 1 at all 3 HSD sites were reviewed
- Master Plan flexibility options were reviewed.

President Tuatagaloa called for a brief recess at 6:20 PM. He reconvened the meeting to Public Session at 6:30 PM.

Proposed General Obligation Bond Authorization:
Bruce Kerns and his financial team provided an overview and responded to trustee questions regarding:
- assessed valuation of secured and unsecured property trends in both the ESD and HSD from 1979 to the present
- 2014-15 assessed valuation by city and county for ESD/HSD
- 2014-15 land use distribution by assessed value and parcel for ESD/HSD
- Median single family home assessed valuation at $516K for ESD; $494 for the HSD
- the list of Top 20 local secured taxpayers for ESD/HSD
- the net bond issuance capacity of the ESD for 2014-15 - $90M; $131M for HSD
- estimated future bond issuance capacity for general obligation bonds for ESD/HSD
- bond authorization alternatives for the ESD and HSD with factors affecting school general obligation bonds
- ESD bond program scenarios for 4 series every 2 years - $90M, and 3 series bonds every 2 years - $82M, 4 series every 3 years - $107M, and 3 Series every 3 years- $92M
-HSD bond program scenarios for 4 series every 2 years - $133M and 3 series every 2 years - $124M, and 4 series every 3 years - $157M, and 3 series every 3 years - $138M.
- The first bond issuance in February 2016 would be for facility modernization, with the next 3 bond issuances going toward technology needs.

President Tuatagaloa stated based on the information presented for facilities estimates and bonding capacity, the ESD comes up short with bond funds. He noted in the visioning meetings 2019 shows as a big year for district enrollment that would necessitate the opening and operation of another school campus. Ms. Thomas noted that she will be reviewing enrollment projections again to take any changes in trends into consideration. Trustee Llorens Gulati noted that communication to the greater community will be key.

Facilities and Bond Communication:
Charles Heath of TBWB Strategies and affiliated sub-contractor Paul Cohen provided bond measure timelines for communications to the community from March to November 2015. Mr. Heath noted the window is closing quickly for community outreach. Together with Mr.Cohen he is working on target and key audiences so they understand facility needs and the bond to build consensus before the November election. Mr. Heath recommended the district do an updated feasibility study in June to confirm the district has the same levels of support as shown in the previous study.

TBWB will assist with drafting the legal ballot language, project list and final bond proposal. After the Board calls for a bond election, a Bond Advocacy Campaign committee takes over for a community driven campaign which the district cannot be involved in. TBWB will work with the advocacy committee on fundraising, and broad community outreach until election day in November.

Trustee Llorens Gulati noted the importance of reaching out before the end of the year to PTA/PTO groups in the district prior to their making funding plans for the following year so they can consider contributions to a bond campaign. Mr. Heath confirmed the district can start now to develop a volunteer base and leadership for an advocacy campaign.
Hibser presentation
V. PUBLIC COMMENT on Closed Session Agenda
Pursuant to Government Code section 54957.6, President Tuatagaloa adjourned the meeting to Closed Session at 7:45 PM.

Trustees present were:
Natu Tuatagaloa
Rachel Kertz
Linda M. Jackson
Greg Knell
Maika Llorens Gulati
VII. GOV. CODE 54957.6: (ESD/HSD) Conference with Labor Negotiator: Name of Agency Negotiator: Michael Watenpaugh, Rebecca Rosales, Chris Thomas Employee Organization/Title: SRFTConfidential agenda item.
President Tuatagaloa reconvened the meeting to Open Session at 7:53 PM.

There was no reportable action taken in Closed Session.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:54 PM.

The resubmit was successful.