Special Meeting - SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
June 11, 2018 4:00PM
District Office - Boardroom 310 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA 94903

President Knell convened the meeting to Public Session at 4:15 PM.
III. PUBLIC COMMENTS on Agendized Items (Public comment on items that appear on the agenda will be taken at the time the item is addressed by the Board.)
IV. RECOGNITION: (ESD/HSD) 2017-18 San Rafael City Schools Retirees Will Be Honored
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The Board and staff will recognize this year's retirees. 


2017-2018 San Rafael City Schools Retirees:

Francisco Alves, Custodian, Venetia Valley

Marta Biton, Bilingual Community Liaison, Central Services

Kimberly Bosch, Library Media Specialist, Venetia Valley

LeighAnn Bostian, Library Media Specialist, Sun Valley

Holly Chaffer-Kuhlman, Library Media Specialist, Glenwood

Shelley Guidi, Speech Language Pathologist, Glenwood

Ritamary Kesler, Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Central Services

Diana Kramers, Teacher, Bahia Vista

Susan McCanse, Instructional Assistant, San Rafael HS

Cynthia Nishinaga, Teacher, Terra Linda HS

Brigid Richards, Teacher, Terra Linda HS

Nancy Segale, Administrative Assistant, San Rafael HS

Superintendent Watenpaugh introduced the recognition and celebration of 2017-2018 SRCS retirees, thanking them for their service to the students and staff of the District.

Assistant Superintendent Amy Baer announced those present. Site administrators provided brief tributes to their site retirees.

Those present who received recognition were:

Kimberly Bosch, Library Media Specialist, VV
Holly Chaffer-Kuhlman, Library Media Specialist, Glenwood
Cynthia Nishinaga, Teacher, TLHS
Leigh Ann Bostian, Library Media Specialist, SV
Ruth Flynn, Teacher, SV
Nancy Segale, Administrative Assistant, SRHS

Other retirees who were not present:
Francisco Alves, Custodian
Marta Biton, Bilingual Community Liaison II, CSO
Shelley Guidi, Speech and Language Pathologist, Glenwood
Rita Kesler, Director of Food and Nutrion Services, CSO
Diana Kramers, Teacher, BV
Susan McCanse, Instructional Assistant, SRHS
Brigid Richards, Teacher, TLHS

Trustees expressed their individual thanks.

V. ADJOURNMENT: 4:59 P.M. (time is approximate)
President Knell adjourned the meeting at 4:35 PM for a cake reception in honor of the retirees.
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