Special Meeting - SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
June 18, 2018 8:30AM
Central Services - Meeting Room, #604 310 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA 94903

President Knell convened the meeting to Open Session at 8:37 AM.
III. PUBLIC COMMENT on Agendized Items (Public comment on items that appear on the agenda will be taken at the time the item is addressed by the Board)
IV. CAPITAL FACILITIES PROGRAM CONSENT AGENDA: (ESD/HSD) (All items appearing on the Capital Facilities Program Consent Agenda are approved in one action by the Board. Trustees, staff or members of the public may request that an item be pulled for discussion prior to Capital Facilities Program Consent Agenda approval)
IV.1. CAPITAL FACILITIES PROGRAM: (ESD) Approval of Venetia Valley K-8 Project – Alten Construction, Inc. Amendments to Site Lease and to Facilities Lease
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The Board is presented with two amendments for the Venetia Valley K-8 Project for Board approval:  Amendment No. 1 to the Project’s Facilities Lease, and Amendment No. 1 to the Project’s Site Lease.


The Phase 1: Interim Housing at Venetia Valley is ready for construction and SRCS needs to amend the Site and Facilities Leases to accomplish this work.


In accordance with Education Code Section 17406, et seq., the SRCS Board selected the Lease-Leaseback Project Delivery Method for the SRCS Elementary School Projects, including the Venetia Valley K-8 Project (“Project”), adopted Best Value Methodology for evaluating proposals received in response to its Request for Qualifications and Proposals (“RFQ/P”) for the Elementary School Projects, and engaged in Lease-Leaseback procurement by issuing the RFQ/P.  Alten Construction was selected for Venetia Valley.  The Board approved Site and Facilities Leases and Pre-Construction Services for the Venetia Valley project with Alten Construction at its meeting in February 2018. 

The first project at the site is the Venetia Valley Interim Housing project.  This is the Phase 1 Project for the Venetia Valley New Classrooms and Multi-Purpose Building construction.  This project includes installation of 23 portables to house the majority of the elementary level program at the site during the demolition and construction of the new Classroom and Multi-Purpose Buildings.  The Interim Housing project has been approved by the Division of State Architect.  Alten Construction has been providing Pre-Construction services in collaboration with the Capital Facilities Program team. 


The Interim Housing project will place site portables adjacent to the Middle School on the existing field area.  The portables are being provided under a separate contract.  The work of this project is to prepare the site, bring utilities to the buildings and make required hook-ups.  Alten Construction and the District have negotiated a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the work.  Both amendments recommended for approval are included with this item.  They are: 

  1. Amendment 1 to Facilities Lease, including revised contract Exhibits B and C; and
  2. Amendment 1 to Site Lease, including revised contract Exhibit B.

DWK provided the form of the Amendments to the Site Lease and to the Facilities Lease which incorporates the Phase 1: Interim Housing site designation and guaranteed maximum price for this phase of work.   

Financial Impact:

$2,972,152.  Funded by the Measure A Bond.   This award is in excess of the District’s budget for the project.  The initial budget included installation of only 10 portables and a much smaller scope of work on Interim Housing.  An updated budget for Venetia Valley projects is attached which indicates adjustments to future anticipated projects at the site in order to allow for the completion of this first high priority project.

Budget/SACS Code:  21-9010-0-6210-00-0000-8500-092-000-493

Recommended Motion:

Approval of both amendments to the Venetia Valley K-8 Project lease agreements with Alten Construction, Inc.:  Amendment No. 1 to the Facilities Lease, and Amendment No. 1 to Site Lease.


Approval of both amendments to the Venetia Valley K-8 Project lease agreements with Alten Construction, Inc.:  Amendment No. 1 to the Facilities Lease, and Amendment No. 1 to Site Lease.

Passed with a motion by Natu Tuatagaloa and a second by Rachel Kertz.
Absent Linda M. Jackson.
Yes Rachel Kertz.
Yes Greg Knell.
Absent Maika Llorens Gulati.
Yes Natu Tuatagaloa.
Senior Director of Capital Facilities Program (CFP) Dr. Dan Zaich introduced this item for the Guaranted Maximum Price (GMP) for the VV project. He noted the timing is critical to get started as soon as possible to get portables in place before teachers and students return for the start of school. The item includes two amendments to revise the area of work, and set the GMP with general conditions and specifics to this project.

In response to Trustee Kertz's question about whether this means any changes for site staff, Dr. Zaich noted this just implements the project.

Trustee Tuatagaloa noted that Alten Construction does a great job; good working relationship. In response to his question regarding budget, Dr. Zaich explained that transitional housing came in $1.6M over what was anticipated because the work doubled on campus, increasing the amount of portables needed. The budget is being balanced internally. He reminded trustees that the VV project has the biggest budget in the district.

Trustee Kertz inquired about the use of the jury parking lot pathway to help during construction. Dr. Zaich noted SRCS will do the grant application with Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) in the fall. Trustee Tuatagaloa emphasized that the goal is to make it happen before fall to use during construction. He suggested this be a topic for discussion when Superintendent Watenpaugh meets with Supervisor Damon Connelly next week. He suggested getting the paperwork going as soon as possible, noting the JCC has resources; potential costs would include striping, signage and grading costs, and would need to check to see if the pathway would need to be ADA compliant. There is no one agency that owns this area; hopefully this project can be taken over by Safe Routes to School. Regarding the application process, Safe Routes would help facilitate, but each agency would need to fill out the application with TAM. Dr. Zaich noted he can also meet with Traffic Consultant Dave Parisi regarding this project.
Amendment No. 1 to Facilities Lease
Amendment No. 1 to Site Lease
Venetia Valley Updated Budget
V. ADJOURNMENT: 9:00 A.M. (approximate time)
There being no further business, President Knell adjourned the meeting at 8:49 AM.
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