Special Study Session - SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
February 22, 2016 4:00PM
District Office - Boardroom 310 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA 94903

III. PUBLIC COMMENTS on Agendized Items
IV.1. EDUCATION SERVICES:(ESD/HSD) Review of the 2015-2016 Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA) for Bahia Vista, Coleman, Glenwood, Laurel Dell, San Pedro, Short, Sun Valley, Venetia Valley, Davidson, San Rafael High School, Terra Linda High School and Madrone Continuation High School Was edited within 0 hours of the Meeting
Quick Summary / Abstract:
This item presents for Board the opportunity to review the 2015-2016 Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA) for Bahia Vista, Coleman, Glenwood, Laurel Dell, San Pedro, Short, Sun Valley, Venetia Valley, Davidson, Madrone Continuation High School, San Rafael High School, Terra Linda High School.  


Financial Impact:

The objective of the Single Plans for Student Achievement is to enable schools to appropriately spend categorical funding, amounting to approximately $799,363 for the elementary district and $217,227 for the high school district, or an overall total of $1,016,590.





Title I-Basic Grant








Title III - Immigrant




Recommended Motion:

Assistant Superintendent MacLean introduced site leadership who were present to provide a summary of their Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA). She noted that SPSAs are site plans for self-evaluation, the LCAP is the District plan.

Principal Jane Songer provided an update on current enrollment of 62 students; 16% more than last year. If the numbers continue to increase this will grow the traditional size of Madrone. She noted that 81% of this year's Madrone seniors plan to attend college.

Goal areas reported: staff support, with professional development provided by Phyllis Goldsmith of the UCB History Social Science Project; and Culture and Climate, with the hiring of a new Spanish speaking administrative assistant to communicate with families. Feedback from a parent/student survey in the spring was shared with staff to inform changes/improvements. Trustee Jackson noted the addition of a College of Marin Counseling class on site has been beneficial for students.

Principal Glenn Dennis reported: suspensions rates have fallen 66% due to a dramatic change in the way the site is responding to student discipline with PBIS; the number of students taking AP exams has increased 56%, including an increase in Latino students taking exams; SBAC data is showing strength in language arts; teachers are taking a greater role with site literacy leads and site coaches; and ELD teachers are working on standards realignment.
Goal areas reported: Culture and Climate, with the site in the 3rd year of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program which is developing practices to respond to behaviors and provide expectations for students as an alternative to suspension. Peer Court is being piloted at the site this year. Trustee Llorens Gulati suggested recruiting more Hispanic parents to serve on Site Council to represent the student population. Trustee Jackson noted that the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) graduates are a good source for recruitment to site council. In response to trustee Jackson's questions regarding stagnancy in A-G requirements, Mr. Dennis noted that A-G data needs to be disaggregated to know the cause.

Principal Katy Dunlap reported: AP participation rates have increased, including the number of low income students enrolled in AP courses; introduction of a new AP computer science course; SBAC interim assessments have just been administered; a process is being developed for alignment work with Terra Linda teachers and College of Marin (COM).

Goal areas reported: developing strategies to support Latino and underrepresented groups; expecting to receive national certification of the AVID program; developing schoolwide strategies to provide support for students who cannot be a part of AVID; faculty meeting time is being used to provide professional development for teachers; the COMPASS program enrolled 20 students this fall who are earning COM credits; the first cohort of PIQE parents is now at Terra Linda this year; TL now has a bilingual community liaison to support families; there is an increase of parents attending SELAC; CCSS instruction and literacy lead positions are instrumental at TL; site leadership teams have been restructured this year. In response to trustee Jackson's questions regarding math articulation with Dixie, Ms. Dunlap reviewed the work being done and the challenges.

Principal Bob Marcucci highlighted: the number of free and reduced students has increased, a reflection of the overall enrollment growth; creating cohorts within the school in a effort to keep the smaller school feel as enrollment grows; SRI scores are showing underperformance of long term ELL students; reclassified students are still not performing quite at a level of success in general education classes; looking at restructuring ELD classes; 80% of students think the new Community Building Circles model which involves every classroom on campus in discussion of a schoolwide topic, has a positive effect on students; working with the CCSS implementation team on professional development; AVID elective is in its first year at DMS with hopes to expand to 7th grade next year; the goal of the new Early Risers program is to provide tutoring support for students first thing in the morning to provide a positive trajectory to a student's day; LEXIA program provides language fluency and vocabulary and comprehension; internal professional development is being provided for Community Building Circles training, AVID, Google Apps for Education, and release days for refinement of units; working toward providing real electives for all students; piloting a program for next year to get students ready for college. In response to trustee Knell's questions about teacher feedback of the Community Building Circles program, Mr. Marcucci noted that some teachers felt they were not prepared for some of the questions that may come up from students during the discussions.

Principal Rodriguez reviewed the 3 essential priorities identified at the site: a unified school culture, a need for professional development around literacy; the need for a clear pathway for families to be engaged with the ICAN University model; increases in ELA and STAR/SBAC results were reviewed; increases in benchmarks for students from 2013 to 2015 highlight effectiveness of instructional models; Math is an area that needs further focus; establishing a biliteracy program that will expand into its 3rd year next year; SEAL and AVID programs are at the site; and there will be a Golden Ribbon school validation visit in March. In response to trustee questions, Mr. Rodriguez noted the needed focus on math will be a collaborative effort with the district and intensive grade level planning, and student performance has improved with the biliteracy program, as evidenced through data from Fountas and Pinnell early literacy assessments.

Principal Mimi Melodia reviewed: enrollment is at 491, 100% free and reduced, and the majority Latino; there are fewer students at the beginning level of CELDT; SBAC data indicate students are not meeting standards in EL and Math.

Goals reviewed: Climate and Culture: support needed for boys who have the largest number of referrals; Student Achievement: pull out interventions at grade level; CA ELD standards are being incorporated into the curriculum, adopting a CCSS based student writing program, monitoring student oral language, reviewing school wide data; Staff Development: working with the Bremerton Team and NEP shared leadership; GLAD and SEAL training, training on CA ELD standards and implementation, Lucy Calkins and the Toolbox project for social emotional learning.

Principal Cecilia Perez reviewed SBAC ELA and Math data, noting the need to continue to improve instructional strategies, taking EL learners into consideration. The Reflex Math program is showing great gains. CELDT results are indicating a focus on 3rd and 4th grade is needed. Differentiated learning is in every classroom at BV.

Goals reviewed: Newcomer students: doubled in number this year from 5 to 10; working with the Family Center to meet with the families to get foundational reading skills in their home language; a teacher on special assignment is providing specialized ELD for each student every day. The Rosetta Stone online program is being used for all newcomers, and 4 days a week newcomers receive support of 1 additional hour.

Principal Pepe Gonzalez reported: Laurel Dell Site Council and PTA have blended into one group, with Latino leadership. Three areas of focus for the school are: rigorous academics, balance of academics, and climate and culture of the school. Rigorous academics: professional development in LA; working with GLAD for ongoing support; started the SEAL program on site this year; PLC focus shift on ELD standards for alignment K-5. Families: influx of 13 newcomers in grades 4 and 5; newcomer intervention afterschool program working on vocabulary and English patterns; family nights for families new to the school, with staff available for questions. Academic rigor: SBAC data is showing only 3-5th graders at Laurel Dell are meeting Math standards; partnering with local non-profits to bring in enrichment programs for students. Climate and Culture: PBIS is being used to clearly define a discipline system; monthly assemblies; Playworks has been amazing.

Principal Vanessa Flynn reviewed SBAC data and interventions for students in ELA and Math which include afterschool and classroom support; 77% of students receiving interventions have made academic growth in a short time. CELDT data is showing students continuing to grow to higher levels.

Goal areas reviewed: Rigorous instruction: SST coordinator and principal are reviewing student data to identify intervention needs; developing reading as a culture at the school. Professional development: differentiated approach to professional development with coaching, peer observations and lesson studies providing feedback. Short continues to grow in ELA. Focus for this year is continuing with vocabulary development specifically in science and social studies. Climate and Culture: working with Karen Junker for Community Building Circles. She reviewed challenges for students in Math and the need for more data.

Principal Julie Harris presented: 76-80% of students met or exceeded the standards for SBAC. Pyramid for Intervention is building systems of alignment so every child can learn to a high, rigorous level. The SEAL program is making a tremendous difference to provide visual and oral language support all students. Instructional coach Maggie Stevens presented an example of a small group reading instructional lesson.

Goals reported: School Culture: PBIS alignment on site; mindfulness training this year has changed the school culture. Sun Valley has recently been nominated for both state and national level recognition.

Principal Kim Goodhope reviewed: the collective work of the site council, Glenwood Foundation and the ELAC resulted in the writing of the Glenwood vision to reflect changes with Common Core in the classroom. SBAC scores: 80% met or exceeded standards; most of the 20% who did not were EL learners or special students whose testing accommodations last spring were not working. SRI and CELDT scores indicate that students are making progress.

Goals reviewed: Staff, parents and principal are creating curriculum; units are being completed with the assistance of literacy coach Elizabeth Foehr and Phyllis Goldsmith of the UCB History Social Science Project. RTI and PBIS are being used for academic, behavioral and social emotional support; Glenwood has been nominated for a State Golden Ribbon award; support of student creativity using Encore consultants for music, PE, science, computer technology, library and beyond the classroom; professional development with iTEAMS, Seneca and Google training.

Principal Scott Carson reviewed: Coleman demographics are similar to San Rafael HS; 8 new teacher at the site this year; data from results of SBAC by EL learners and English only; professional development with SEAL; looking at using the Reflex Math program.

Goals reviewed: Culture and Climate: with PBIS and Playworks, office referrals have decreased; social emotional training is being provided; SELAC expressed interest in learning more about LCAP, technology and Common Core.

In conclusion, trustees shared their appreciations of the principals and all the work that is happening on behalf of students, particularly the outreach efforts to Latino families. They shared comments about work still needing to be done in mathematics, and the great synergy of work happening between the schools.
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