Special Study Session - SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
January 11, 2016 4:00PM
District Office - Boardroom 310 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA 94903

President Kertz opened the Study Session at 4:05 PM.
Peter Gebbie led the Pledge of Allegiance.
III. PUBLIC COMMENTS on Agendized Items
There was no public comment at this time.
IV. STUDY SESSION: (ESD/HSD) The Board will receive information for discussion and planning on the following items from: Bill Fee with Carducci & Associates Inc., Marcus Hibser with HY Architects, the financial team of Greg Isom (Isom Associates), Bruce Kerns (Stifle), and David Casnocha, Bond Counsel
Quick Summary / Abstract:
The Board will receive presentations and information for discussion and planning on the following items from: Bill Fee with Carducci & Associates Inc., Marcus Hibser with HY Architects, the financial team of Greg Isom (Isom Associates), Bruce Kerns (Stifle), and David Casnocha, Bond Counsel

IV.1. PRESENTATION: Master Facilities Plan Implementation for 2015 Bond Measures for the San Rafael City Elementary School District and San Rafael City High School District
CBO Thomas introduced Bill Fee with Carducci & Associates Inc., Marcus Hibser with HY Architects, the financial team of Greg Isom (Isom Associates), Bruce Kerns (Stifle), and David Casnocha, Bond Counsel, who were available this evening to provide information to the Board.

Dr. Zaich shared that as we move forward from the November 2015 election, the District is establishing a clear process for the implementation of the funds, including program and project oversight, schedule, communications and more. He shared upcoming program milestones and next steps, which include prioritizing the projects; developing the budget and schedule; assembling the team; piloting a structure for communication with the schools; and developing accountability and oversight tools.

Dr. Zaich also discussed how the Board will be engaged in the process, which focuses on the Board agreeing on the District priorities and then close collaboration with the school sites to develop recommendations on site priorities.

Marcus Hibser, with the architectural firm that has been working on the Master Facilities Plan in collaboration with staff for the past several years, presented a preliminary implementation plan on the scope, phasing and costs for both the elementary and high school districts. Mr. Hibser discussed the basis for the recommendations, which include relieving overcrowding, addressing parity and and resolving our facilities' critical needs. In his presentation, he shared the master plan for each school site, along with a draft recommendation for implementing projects at each school site, funded by the 2015 bonds. As a reminder, the master plan is a long-term roadmap for our school facilities, and the funds from the 2015 bonds will not cover all the work identified. Therefore, the prioritization conversations are significant. Mr. Hibser also discussed the proposed budgets and draft schedule.

Members of the Board commented on and asked questions about the plans, and emphasized the need for prioritizing classroom space and conducting a traffic study. They also discussed options around phasing, portable use and sustainability. Members of the audience also commented on the presentation, highlighting the outdated conditions of many of the school facilities and the need for safety on our sites.

Mr. Hibser reviewed the budgets for each site. He reviewed soft costs and the need for a contingency for unanticipated issues that arise along the way. Under consideration is temporary housing of Short and Laurel Dell at the DMS Annex; VV temporary housing is included in the implementation recommendation. He reviewed project management costs and the payoff of the Certificates of Participation (COPs) as a flexible item that the Board may decide not to include at this time to free up additional funds. He reviewed other state funding that may potentially become available to the district. He noted that this is a long project timeline with many opportunities for changes to be made along the way. The Master Plan is a vision. As we move forward into the process, priorities will be established.

HSD Proposed Implementation Recommendations:
Mr. Hibser reviewed the focus of the implementations in the HSD would be to relieve overcrowding, and to address programs, safety and parity.
- SRHS/Madrone: The only project not included in the implementation plan is the replacement of the Bulldog Theatre. He reviewed the scope of work to implement the remaining master plan in 5 phases.
- TLHS: The only project from the master plan not being recommended for implementation is the renovation of the library which was done in the last bond. He reviewed projects in 5 stages.

Mr. Hibser reviewed the need for contingencies for unanticipated costs.

The schedule is based on cash flow and anticipated bond sale. Mr. Hibser reviewed the proposed phasing of the projects and projected completion dates. He noted space at TL is being considered as a possibility to house CTE programs that will be temporarily displaced at SRHS during construction.

In response to Trustee Jackson's questions about adequate classroom space needed to address enrollment, CBO Thomas noted that 12 permanent classrooms will be added along with the replacement of portables at the K-5 level, for grades 6-8, 6-10 classrooms will be added dependent on how many portables are replaced at DMS; at the HSD level 24 classrooms will be added.

Ms. Thomas and Mr. Hibser responded to trustee questions and further discussion regarding: the need to create swing space on campuses first; the potential to add more portables at Glenwood if needed to address future growth from a proposed Loch Lommond housing project; concerns over adding portables instead of permanent classroom space; the difference between portables and modular construction; LEAD and other sustainable rating systems; the potential of using photovoltaic panels on roofs or parking lot structures to offset the costs of additional air conditioning in the HSD; the need to consider drop off/pick-up improvements at the DMS annex for safety in Phase 1; the need for traffic studies to be conducted for DMS Annex and all sites, costs which are already included in the budget; and how the age of schools and when they were last painted determines which schools get painted first.

President Kertz opened Public Comment on this item:
- Samantha Ramirez, LEAP Coordinator at Venetia Valley (VV), stressed the need to put VV as a #1 priority because of the condition of buildings.
- Renee O'Hare, VV parent, urged the use of more permanent classrooms, not portables.
- Kim Bosch, VV parent, asked for clarification of phases and budget.
- Molly Blauvelt, parent and teacher at Glenwood, keep safety as the #1 concern at DMS and SRHS; concerns about how few classrooms proposed in Phase 1; representing other parents and athletes at SRHS, urging disrict to do the AC in the existing gyms and other needs there before the stadium.
Amy Likeover, Gerstle Park resident, concerns regarding safety of pedestrians and additional cars in the area with the expansion of the school; consider combining 2 smaller schools onto one site or moving to another site as an option.
- Kathryn Waxman, SRHS neighbor, eliminate pick up and drop off area along Mission - a safety issue; neighborhood complaints especially during athletic events.
- Claudia Garcia, VV parent, urged the completion of VV soon.
- John Sullivan, VV teacher, the need for a convenient safe route for students who are now cutting across the parking lot to get to No. San Pedro Rd; need a couple more basketball courts in the plans.

President Kertz thanked everyone for their feedback on the implementation plan. In response to trustee Jackson's comments regarding process for consideration of the public's comments before the Board approves the implementation plan, President Kertz noted that the Board can pull the action item from this evening's regular meeting agenda, to be brought back to the January 25th meeting to allow time for staff to review the questions and comments.
IV.2. PRESENTATION: Master Facilities Plan San Rafael High School Stadium Status Update
San Rafael HS principal Glenn Dennis presented a status update on the SRHS stadium project. He reviewed the history and inception of the stadium project which began approximately 8 years ago after it was not addressed in the last modernization effort because of other competing priorities. Principal at the time, Judy Colton, developed the vision for a new stadium. A stadium committee was formed to pursue private fundraising. He reviewed $850K in funding has been raised to date as seed funds. A conceptual vision, scope and estimate of project costs were created. In 2013 after conceptual drawings were done, there was a vision to build the new stadium but no funding.

The design process began in 2014/15. Mr. Dennis reviewed the proposed phases of construction and adjustments that the committee has discussed regarding location of the restrooms and use of chrome rubber as a surface, track lane and location of bleachers. After a meeting with the architect and district administration there was discussion of an oversight committee established to look at plans to prepare for Division of State Architects (DSA). Concerns were expressed about the right project management structure and site committee expansion to include a larger array of stakeholders.

Mr. Dennis noted that the recommendations include a rebuild of the site facilities committee to make it the primary owner of the stadium recommendations; and consideration of Option A: submission of the plans to DSA with the current design scope, or Option B: hold the submittal until the SRHS site facilities committee can make a recommendation.

Staff responded to trustee questions regarding the status of a management plan for facility usage to address neighborhood concerns, and the timeline of the project for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Trustee Tuatagaloa noted the school community is fortunate to have a tremendous resource of parents who have expertise with projects of this nature. Discussions with the community have resulted in an outcome of recommendations to the original plans. He noted challenges with getting to the detail as the committee grows.

Superintendent Watenpaugh thanked parent Peter Gebbie and other SRHS parents for bringing their concerns forward. He noted that with the significant scope of work the district has to do, project management consultation will be important as well as looking at the timing of bonds to make sure funding is available. The work in the next 30 days needs to be sequential, involving site principals, advisory committees and identifying management consultants quickly. He thanked CBO Thomas for taking on leadership as the initial facility manager in addition to her duties as CBO, and that additional help and support will be put in place moving forward.

Trustee Tuatagaloa noted structural changes for project management will be created moving forward for the stadium and the rest of the master plan.

President Kertz acknowledged further public comment:
- Peter Gebbie, SRHS parent, acknowledged the work of the parents in the room, the Board and the District, and voiced the strong support the SRHS parent community has for the stadium project moving forward in 2016. He urged the district to move forward now with the DSA submission if the infrastructure is complete. He encouraged the district to leverage the expertise of SRHS parents, and to be transparent and clear with communication through site advisory groups.
- Jackie Schmidt, Board member of Montecito HOA noted that the neighborhood is still waiting to hear from the district regarding the management plan for facility use. She expressed her concern about a new drop off/pick up on Mission - have a traffic study before it is built.

Trustee Tuatagaloa noted that communication is critical; using a site leadership team model will be vital at all sites. The principal will be a key communicator. Legal counsel will also consult through the entire process.
There being no further business for the Study Session, President Kertz adjourned the meeting at 6:20 PM.
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