Study Session - SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
November 14, 2016 4:30PM
District Office - Boardroom 310 Nova Albion Way San Rafael, CA 94903

Pete Norgaard, Van Pelt Construction Services, led the Pledge of Allegiance.
III. PUBLIC COMMENTS on Agendized Items (Public comment on items that appear on the agenda will be taken at the time the item is addressed by the Board.)
IV. STUDY SESSION: (ESD/HSD) Capital Facilities Program Budget Review and Update
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The Capital Facilities team will make a presentation of the budget development process and proposed budgets for Measure A and Measure B. 

Senior Director, Capital Facilities Program Dr. Dan Zaich introduced this as a three part presentation: a Capital Facilities Program (CFP) update, program implementation budget updates, and the communications plan for the Capital Facilities Program.

CFP Update:
- Proposition 51 passed and local facilities bond measures passed as well
- All sites have been matched with architectural firms
- December will be the kick-off of school site design committees
- The first citizens' oversight committee meeting was held; passed first financial audit
- After budgets are approved, the accounting software program will be utilized

Program Implementation Budget Update:
Bill Savage, consultant with Van Pelt Construction Services, presented highlights:
- He and DWK attorney Mark Kelley will be presenting on December 2 at 4:15 PM at the CSBA Annual conference in San Francisco
- He reviewed the process to balance budgets with project acceleration and timing, reducing scope in non-curricular activities, and reducing the need for temporary swing space/classroom housing
- Program maps were used to develop projects and program budgets
- A Laurel Dell program map was reviewed to demonstrate the budget development process that was used
- Escalation at 5.5% per year is embedded in every project budget
- Change order allowance is approximately 10%; construction management at 5%; 12% for architectural fees for major projects
- A typical project, and summary budgets that "roll up" to project budgets were reviewed
- Program management costs were reviewed
- Budget validation process was reviewed: $7.5M over budget with the first pass in both the ESD and HSD; looked at scope size and project assumptions to get to a balanced budget
- Revenue and potential state funding were reviewed
- ESD Project expenditures adjusted to balance the budget. Changes included: not enough funding for the originally planned Laurel Dell parking structure that was proposed to be built into the hillside and instead using an alternate plan to work around the constraints; using DMS annex for temporary housing instead of building a portable village for the site; redid the flow with the new DMS STEAM building, accelerating construction of new multi-use and music building; reduced proposed size of new classroom wing at VV, utilizing the newer portable buildings in the K area, and acceleration of the main classroom and gym project.
- HSD proposed budget assumptions for the stadium are now $2M higher than the original $9.6M. This assumption includes donations to the project to achieve a balanced budget.
- The only HSD project being held to the future in the budget is the District Office/Central Services project.

Mr. Savage and staff responded to trustee questions regarding swing space in the ESD, development of a timeline document that will be updated, providing information for principals, looking into solar panels, use of other funds such as Prop 39 to off-set some of the additional $2M for the stadium project.

Public comment was heard from Peter Gebbie.

President Kertz posed questions about the stadium donation amount anticipated in the budget; if the full $2M cannot be raised will this change the scope of the plans or delay the project? Mr. Savage noted that bid documents are being structured with additive/deductive alternates for flexibility at the time of bid. Dr. Zaich noted that an update on the stadium project will be brought back to the Board.

Communications Plan
Director of Communications Christina Perrino Zecchini reviewed a strategic communications plan to support the bond program and community engagement. She reviewed communication goals, the objectives, and the milestones to reach those goals with both internal and external audiences. The plan for communication is a living document with adjustments made along the way as needed. Strategies and tactics to share out information and solicit the engagement of stakeholders in decision making will include the bond and district websites, e-updates, and site facility committee communications. Ms. Perrino Zecchini responded to trustee questions regarding website translation into Spanish, point of contact for community input and board liaisons for site committees.
SRCS Budget Implementation Presentation
SRCS CFP Board Update - Communications
There being no further business, President Kertz adjourned the meeting at 5:46 PM.
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