Special Workshop- SRCS Board of Education
San Rafael City Schools
July 23, 2019 3:00PM
Old Gallinas Professional Development Center 251 North San Pedro Rd., Classroom #4 San Rafael, CA 94903

I. OPEN SESSION: 3:00 PM (approximately 2 hours)
II. PUBLIC COMMENT on Agendized Items
III. DISCUSSION: Board Operations, Procedures and Teamwork
IV. PUBLIC COMMENT on Closed Session
V. CLOSED SESSION (approximately 1 hour)
V.1. PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: (Gov. Code, ยง 54957, subd.(b)(1)) Title: Superintendent Confidential agenda item.
VI. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION/Closed Session Report out (if necessary)
VII. OPEN SESSION: (approximately 2 hours)
VII.1. DISCUSSION: Board Governance Handbook - Review, Update

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