Board of Education: Policy Sub-Committee Meeting
Berkeley USD
January 06, 2017 4:00PM
2020 Bonar Street, Room 126 Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 644-8764

1. Call to Order
2. Approve Agenda
3. Public Comment - 3 minutes per speaker (limited to 15 minutes)
4. Action Items
4.1. Determine Policy Subcommittee Chair
4.2. Determine 2017 Policy Subcommittee Calendar
4.3. Determine 2017 Policy Subcommittee Priorities
4.4. Approval of Board Policy Subcommittee Meeting Minutes for December 9, 2016

Board Policy Subcommittee Minutes
Room 126
December 9,  2016

Director Daniels called the Policy Subcommittee Meeting to order at 3:02pm. 

Roll Call
Josh Daniels, Chair – Present
Ty Alper, Director – Present
Donald Evans, Superintendent – Present
Lyz Chairez, Recorder – Present

Approval of Agenda.
At the request of Daniels, discussion items will precede action item:

Motion to approve meeting agenda as amended:
Alper/Daniels and approved 2-0.

Public Comment
A community member commented on the expulsion AR 

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve minutes for November 18, 2016:
Alper/Daniels and approved 2-0


Communications Policies
Director of Community Relations Natasha Beery said that the request is to have a discussion to move forward with exploring Facebook and other forms of social media. The existing media policy outlines how outside folks can access pictures. We need to establish how we deal with media internally. Participants discussed language for BP/AR 1113 (District and School Websites) and also talked about what constitutes a “group” v “individual” photo.

Student directors will be invited to the next policy committee meeting to provide their input on these policies.

BP/AR 1114 (District Sponsored Social Media)

There is concern that a District sponsored social media account will become a platform for unlimited forum. Participants discussed creating a separate policy specifically about PTA websites which are neither district sponsored or non district sponsored. 

Participants agreed to convene discussion with PTA council.


Expulsion AR 5144.3
Alper said that this draft is ready to be shared with the Board for comments. Participants reviewed language.

Next Meeting Date
January 6, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm

5. Adjournment

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