Board of Education: Policy Sub-Committee Meeting
Berkeley USD
March 30, 2018 2:00PM
2020 Bonar Street, Room 126 Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 644-8764

1. Call to Order
2. Approve Agenda
3. Public Comment - 3 minutes per speaker (limited to 15 minutes)
4. Action Items
4.1. Approve Meeting Minutes for March 16, 2018

Board of Education Board Policy Meeting
March 16, 2018
2020 Bonar St. Room 126
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 644-6206

Ty Alper, Chair - Present
Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Director - Present
Donald Evans, Superintendent - Present by phone
Lyz Chairez, Recorder - Present

Call to Order/Approve Agenda: 2:03pm

Motion to approve agenda as amended: 
Leyva-Cutler/Alper and unanimously approved.

Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for March 2, 2018:
Leyva-Cutler/Alper and unanimously approved.

BP 5111.3 Protection for undocumented students
Leyva-Cutler suggested adopting some of the language in ACLU’s model policy. Alper added that it should be made clear that the policy is limited to all federal agencies and excludes local law enforcement agencies. Leyva-Cutler also proposed including a provision that will allow children of detained parents to be taken care by a third party.

Sweat-free Procurement Policy
Leyva-Cutler explained that this policy was brought to her attention by the fair trade club at BHS which promotes the purchasing and procurement from countries that practice humane working conditions and pay fair wages. She added that the students are interested in participating in this process, so they will come back with a proposed policy. Participants talked about also including folks involved with purchasing and approving vendors for BUSD.  

Update Policy Calendar 
The committee updated its policy calendar.

Adjourn: 3:02pm

5. Discussion Items
5.1. BP 5111.3: Protection for Undocumented Students
ACLU letter
ACLU Model Sanctuary School Board Policy
BP 5111.3
Sanctuary School Board Policy (draft)
5.2. Sweatfree Procurement Policy

documents are forthcoming. 

5.3. Policy Regarding Use of Electronic Devices
6. Update Policy Calendar
7. Adjournment

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