Facilities Subcommittee
Berkeley USD
October 03, 2018 9:00AM
2020 Bonar St., Room 125 Berkeley, CA 94702

1. Call To Order
2. Approve Agenda
3. Consider Approval of Minutes of Facilities Subcommittee Meeting Held August 8th and September 5th
Facilities Subcommittee Meeting Notes 9.5.18
Facilities Subcommittee Meeting Notes August 8, 2018
4. Public Comment
5. Consent Items
5.1. Proposed Financial Adjustments to a Few Projects



TO:                  Facilities Sub-Committee  

FROM:             Lew Jones, Interim Director of Facilities

DATE:              October 3, 2018

SUBJECT:         Proposed Financial Adjustments to a Few Projects



On September 12, 2018, the Board received an accounting of both Measure I and Measure AA.  The following are the current balances:


Measure I                    $1,659,665

Measure AA                $    186,312


There are three projects that staff knows do not have enough resources:

  1. King auditorium (in Measure I);
  2. Longfellow maker space (in Measure AA); and,
  3. Rosa Parks roof (in Measure AA, increase needed for temporary housing).


Below are the three goals we have that drive the recommended changes:

  1. Fund the three projects;
  2. Utilize developer fee revenue; and,
  3. Exhaust funds in Measure AA.


The following is staff’s best estimate of the shortfall in each project:

  1. King auditorium:                                 $400,000
  2. Longfellow maker space:                    $175,000
  3. Rosa Park temporary housing:           $750,000

The Rosa Parks assumptions are still being finalized, so that number may change before a final recommendation is made.


The Board has not allocated any of its developer fee revenue.  There are many projects that cannot be funded from this source, but a potentially good candidate is the Longfellow maker space.  It meets the legal requirement (Rosa Parks would not meet the requirements and very little of the King auditorium might be qualified) and the expenditure would be a significant portion of the overall budget.  Being able to point to a single project largely funded through developer fees showcases the advantage of collecting those fees.  The amount within the developer fee budget was approximately $245,000 as of August 31, 2018.  It will continue to grow during the year.  Staff is suggesting that the available balance in the developer fee budget projected at the time of project award be dedicated to Longfellow.  While it is not possible to project an exact figure, it appears reasonable to plan for a budget of approximately $300,000. 


There are insufficient resources in Measure AA to fully fund the Rosa Parks project.  This proposal is to dedicate the available balance in Measure AA to the Rosa Parks project and to either fund the remaining funds from Measure I or consider utilizing any revenue from the City Board Room project.  As the Board Room funds are not currently available, the presumption is that additional costs are to be from Measure I.  


If the Sub-Committee and ultimately the Board is amenable to this approach, the revised budgets would be:

  1. King:  Increase the budget by reducing the available balance in Measure I.  The revised Measure I balance would be $1,259,665;
  2. Longfellow: Decrease its Measure AA budget by $100,000.  Devote the $275,000 from developer fees.  The new combined project budget would be increased by $175,000.
  3. Rosa Parks: Increase the budget by $750,000.   This step and step number 2 would reduce the available balance in Measure AA to $0.  This action couple with the increase for King would reduce the available balance in Measure I to $795,665.    


The timing for this recommendation may be done in conjunction with the next quarterly update (scheduled to go to the Board on October 24, 2018) so minor adjustments in cost may occur. 


If no changes occur in the next quarterly update, the available balance in Measure I will be $795,665 and the available balance in Measure AA will be $0.    



Approve the conceptual ideas outlined above.     


5.2. Masterplan Update



TO:                  Donald Evans, Ed.D., Superintendent

FROM:             Lew Jones, Interim Director of Facilities

DATE:              October 10, 2018

SUBJECT:         Facilities Masterplan Information 



On June 13, 2018, the Board hired HY Architects to help develop a District Facilities Masterplan.  Since then, the facilities assessments have been completed, several meetings were held with the Superintendent’s Work Group, one meeting with the Facilities Sub-Committee, meetings with many departments and meetings set with some school sites. 


On October 3, 2018, a presentation will be made to the Facilities Sub-Committee.  We are providing a copy of the presentation made to that body. 



Accept the report. 



Cost of award by this action: No cost to accept the report.    

Facilities Subcommittee
6. Next Meeting Items
6.1. Budget Changes for Measure I and AA
6.2. Rose Parks Cafeteria Decision
6.3. Berkeley Community Theater Users
6.4. Project Delivery Discussion/Decision

Published: October 1, 2018, 10:15 AM

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