Facilities Subcommittee
Berkeley USD
November 07, 2018 9:00AM
2020 Bonar St., Room 125 Berkeley, CA 94702

1. Call to Order
2. Approve Agenda
3. Consider Approval of Minutes of the Facilities Subcommittee Meeting Held October 17th
Facilities Subcommittee Meeting Notes
4. Public Comment
5. Action Item
5.1. Approve Consultant for Oxford Reconstruction and Renovation Project Expanded Geotechnical Study




TO:                  Board of Education  

FROM:             Donald Evans, Superintendent

DATE:              November 14, 2018

SUBJECT:       Approve Consultant for Oxford Reconstruction and Renovation Project Expanded Geotechnical Study



The Oxford Reconstruction and Renovation project was approved by the Board as a part of the Measure I Reallocation Plan in January 2018.  The project includes demolition of the old Multi-Purpose Building and construction of a new Multi-Purpose Building with new Classrooms on the lower level.  The project also includes major reconfiguration and renovations to the existing Classroom/Administration wing. 

As part of the design process the District has retained Alan Kropp and Associates (“Kropp”), a Berkeley-based Geotechnical Engineering firm to prepare a geotechnical report to guide the designs for foundations on the new building.  Kropp has indicated in preliminary meetings with the District that there is a need for an expanded geotechnical investigation of the site based upon potential soil movement in the area of the Oxford site.  This issue will require a more extensive study to meet the requirements for project approval of the California Geological Survey (CGS), which must approve the project, prior to approval by the Division of State Architect (DSA). 

Kropp’s proposal for services is attached, and includes multiple, very deep borings and several large-diameter borings which will allow the team geologist to accurately characterize the site conditions.  The proposal includes analysis, reporting, coordination with CGS and DSA to develop project foundations which could mitigate identified geo-hazards.  If this proposal is approved, the borings and site work are anticipated to be completed over the winter holiday break when school is not in session.




$196,647 for Expanded Geotechnical Study.  Funded by the Measure I Bond.



Approve an amendment to the Independent Consultant Agreement with Alan Kropp and Associates for an Expanded Geotechnical Study for the Oxford Elementary School site.


Oxford Geotech Cost Estimate
6. Discussion Item
6.1. Career Technical Education Funding Implementation


TO:                 Donald Evans, Ed.D., Superintendent
FROM:            Lew Jones, Interim Executive Director of Facilities
DATE:             November 7, 2018
SUBJECT:      Career Technical Funding Implementation


Career Technical Education has a long established history within our district.  The Board awarded a contract on April 11th to create three state of the art spaces to support our Biotech, Carpentry and Electronic Tech curriculum.  Once these projects are complete, Facilities anticipates that there will be a balance of close to $1.5M. This document will layout a current plan for future project spending related to CTE.  Our CTE program coordinators met with Educational Services and presented their recommendations to the Facilities Division. Some projects may include design, project management services and contractors which will return to the Board for approval at a future date.  The funding allocation will allow us to create timelines and schedules for each project. Facilities may choose to combine some of the projects for potential savings.   Facilities is requesting approval of the allocation of funds for the following future CTE projects:





Total Project Budget

BHS Little Theater Equipment Upgrades

Little Theater

To provide industry standard equipment while improving the overall function of the little theater


Digital Media Studio


The Digital Media Studio classroom upgrade will provide the infrastructure to support and house equipment needed for this classroom


Additional Biotech Classrooms

G305 & G306

To provide additional upgrades to these spaces to continue to enhance the student experience (May be combined with another project)

$ 50,000

Robotics Engineering


Design and create a safe space to support engineering courses


Middle School CTE Project Planning

Middle School Sites

The California Department of Education and Union Industry Partners are interested in creating exploratory programs that articulate into the high school CTE curriculum.


Remaining Balance for Contingency







Cost of award by this action: None.  Future projects will be contained within the remaining Berkeley High School Career Technical Education Project balance from Measure I.   

Approve the allocation of funds for future CTE Projects 


7. Information Update
7.1. King CDC Playground Information Update
King CDC Schematic Design
8. Future Meeting Items

a. Tennis Courts 
b. Budget changes for Longfellow Makerspace
c. Project Delivery Discussion/Decision


Published: November 2, 2018, 8:48 PM

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