Joint Meeting of the City Council and School Board
Dublin USD
April 27, 2016 6:00PM
District Office Board Room 7471 Larkdale Ave., Dublin CA

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to ensure that all students become lifelong learners by providing them with a rigorous and relevant education that prepares them for college / university or service to our country and for success in the global economy.
A. Opening Ceremony / Roll Call
The meeting was called to order at 6:08 p.m.

Also participating in the joint meeting are members of the Dublin City Council and city staff:
Mayor David Haubert
Vice-Mayor Abe Gupta
Councilmember Don Biddle
Councilmember Kevin Hart
Councilmember Doreen Wehrenberg
City Manager Chris Foss
B. Pledge of Allegiance
President Cunningham led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.
C. Approval of Agenda
C.1. Approval of Agenda
Passed with a motion by Mrs. Megan Rouse and a second by Mr. Greg Tomlinson.
Yes Mr. Dan Cunningham.
Yes Mr. Sameer Hakim.
Absent Ms. Leesa Ko (Advisory).
Yes Mrs. Amy Miller.
Yes Mrs. Megan Rouse.
Yes Mr. Greg Tomlinson.
D. Visitors / Public Comment
No visitors requested to be heard.
Quick Summary / Abstract:

E.1. Real Property Options: Second High School - School District
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The Board of Trustees and City Council will discuss property options for the second high school.


Over the past ten years, growth in the City of Dublin has resulted in a doubling of student population in the District.  There are currently more than 10,000 students attending Dublin Schools.  That number is expected to increase by 50% in the next decade.  Recently completed demographic projections and Facilities Master Plan show the need for a second high school in the District.

The District has been seeking options for land acquisition for a second high school.  Over the past few months, ongoing dialogue between the District and the City through the Liaison Committee have occurred.  In representing the District, consultant Scott Sheldon, from Terra Realty, has also been engaged in these discussions.

This evening, Mr. Sheldon will present information about the search for a second high school site.  Included in the presentation will be a brief history, current events, property search parameters, opportunities and constraints, and two sites that have become a top priority for discussion.  A Power Point Presentation is attached as back up material to this item. 


Of particular importance in the discussion this evening is the request by the district for "sole source" consideration by the US Government for the Camp Parks property, one of the top priority sites.  The Board of Trustees recently directed staff to complete an application process for this consideration.  The District will be requesting support from the City Council for this application.

The presentation also includes the potential of a second site.  This one on a portion of the Diamonto property.  Mr. Sheldon has been exploring this option.  City Staff and the Liaison Committee have been appraised of his work in this area.  The District has an interest in keeping options open to ensure that the one that best meets the future needs of the District is considered.

Financial Impact:

There is no financial impact to the discussion this evening.  If the district is selected as a "sole source" consideration for the Camp Parks site, expenses for appraisal, environmental review and mitigation as needed will be at the expense of the District.  Additional costs would also include the "Real Property Exchange" project for Camp Parks; and infrastructure expenses including roadway improvements.   These expenses are to be determined.

If the Diamonto site remains an option, the costs incurred will include the cost of the land as well as off site expenses to improve roads near the project.  These expenses are to be determined.


District / City Contacts:

Stephen Hanke, Ed.D., Superintendent
Beverly Heironimus, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Kim McNeeley, Senior Director of Facilities
Chris Foss, City Manager, City of Dublin
Linda Smith, Assistant  City Manager, City of Dublin
Scott Sheldon, District Consultant, Terra Realty

Recommended Motion:
This is an information item.  There is no recommended action at this time.
Mr. Scott Sheldon, DUSD consultant from Terra Realty Advisors presented information on the process the district is following to secure property for a second high school in Dublin.
In the past two months the district conducted a Facilities Academy, bringing together experts in the field of property acquisition, school construction, facilities constraints and information on SB50 and how it affects a growing district such as ours.

CM Biddle - Stated he understands that we (DUSD) are the first district to speak before the State Allocation Board to express the issues the district is facing due to lack of funding for new schools.

Priority One
CM Biddle - Stated it is his understanding that this is not city land. Mr. Foss stated that it is within the city limits but not within the purview of the city. This site is not completed in the cities plan.

CM Biddle - With regard to the one access point, would there need to be an additional point of access? Mr. Foss stated that there would need to be a second point of access to the site.

Mr. Sheldon - Stated that the access to the site would be part of the CEQA process. The district is looking at all aspects of access, including emergency access roads that border the sheriff's department facility.

CM Biddle - Asked about the clean-up of the land and who pays for that process? Mr. Sheldon indicated that this would be the responsibility of the district. The time frame for cleaning that property would be from two to five years.

Mr. Tomlinson - Stated that the building of the school on the site would occur after this time.

CM Biddle - Asked who would pay for the EIR. Mr. Sheldon stated the district and the base would be responsible for this process.

CM Biddle - Asked if the base was responsible for cleaning up the property and Mr. Sheldon stated that they (U.S. Army) are responsible for bringing it to construction grade.

CM Biddle - Thought that the building of the high school would be within the next five or so years.

Mr. Sheldon - Stated that the land would have to be cleaned up before the district can build, but there could be a parallel process with regard to some components of the building of the second high school.

CM Biddle - Will the bond funds, if passed be used to build the school?

Mr. Tomlinson - Stated that some of the bond funds could be used along with state funds if and when it becomes available.

Ms. Rouse - Asked about the process of adding the Camp Parks property to the city limits.

Mr. Foss stated that although this would be a new process they have gone something similar with the land the city acquired through the Sun Cal purchase/trade. The city is working with counsel to see what process they would take when this acquisition should occur.

Priority Two
CM Biddle - Stated that the Priority 2 land is the last large piece of commercial property left in the city. Stated there would be resistance to letting this land be used for other uses.

CM Biddle - What would be the maximum capacity of Dublin High School? Dr. Hanke stated that on its current 44 acre site there are approximately 2200 students, but build out at capacity could be 3500 - 3800 at the absolute maximum.

Ms. Miller - Stated that Ms. McNeely and Mr. Boczanowski were going to do some initial environmental work, the standard to clear the land to educational standards. Ms. McNeely stated that how long it would take would depend on the extent and amount of contamination on the land.

Ms. Rouse - Asked if the timeline for securing the military site is between two to five years? Mr. Sheldon concurred and stated the district would run a parallel process.

Ms. Miller - Stated that she is concerned about the timeline of five years and can we meet the 2021 timeline. Ms. McNeely stated that it is possible if the land was cleared in a timely fashion.

DHS enrollment currently is 2250 and will be at 2500 for the next school year. It will be at 3500 within the next five years.

Ms. Rouse - Under the possible/doable scenario, what kind of resources and knowledge would be needed to move this process forward? Mr. Sheldon stated that there are certain hurdles that the district has to pass in order to arrive at a figure and timeline for the possible use of the Camp Parks land.

VM Gupta - Recalled that the process for the Sun Cal property took a long time to get through and he doesn't see that this can be a quick process. Mr. Foss stated that the Sun Cal project was started in 2004.

Mayor Haubert - Stated that there are differences between that housing development the city entered into and the process that the district would go through with the purchase of one parcel for the sole use of the land for a school.

Mr. Tomlinson - Stated that there are so many state agencies that the district would need to work with. Is it prudent to run a parallel process when we don't know what the issues may be during the many steps of the process we have to go through?

President Cunningham - Asked if Mr. Sheldon knew of any other districts attempting this type of purchase and build on base land. Mr. Sheldon stated he does not know of any.

Mr. Hakim - At some point in the near future we will know if it will be viable to a school on that property.

Mr. Hakim - What information would we need to make a decision about going with Priority One vs Priority Two. With regard to the use of the base land, there would not be the conflict of use with the city. With Priority Two there are city conflicts.

CM Wehrenberg - Would need to know what the priorities are that the district would have with regard to the need of the second high school.

Mr. Tomlinson - Stated that with all of the steps that the district has to go through, does not see that this can be completed to see a reasonable timeline for the completion of the high school.

Trustees stated they would like to see a priority list of what we have to do to get the Priority One process ready to the point that it can be built on.

Mr. Hakim - Asked if it was a correct statement that if Priority Two site was used it probably would not be a comprehensive school site. Mr. Sheldon stated that this was a true statement.

Mr. Cunningham - Stated that the cost for just the buildings for the second high school would be $262 million. This does not include any road work or infrastructure work on the land. Mr. Sheldon has already laid out the steps that the district would have to go through to prepare the off-site for construction.

Mr. Hakim - Asked if with regard to Priority Two, are there constraints. To date, the willingness to work with the district for the site, but there would need to be key discussions about whether they would sell the property to the district.

VM Gupta - Asked about the Chen property and that portion of land. The Chen property has some topographical issues that would be difficult to overcome. Mr. Foss stated this property is zoned commercial and open space property presently.

Mayor Haubert - Asked about the use of the Chen property and how it is affected by the airport zone. Also asked about the ability to "swap out" land with the Warmingtion property.

Mr. Foss - Stated that with regard to the Chen property, the approximate cost would be approximately $50 million to just get road access to the Chen property.

Ms. Miller - Stated that with regard to Chen property, can there be a trade of zoning for that property with another piece of property (Warmington)?

CM Biddle - With regard to the possible additional sites, have we looked at other alternatives beside the district property? Mr. Sheldon stated that through the Facilities Master Plan process, a second high school is the direction that the community wishes to go.

Dr. Hanke - Stated that the top priority is to build a second high school and work through the issues that may occur with this plan.

Mr. Hakim - Question about the number of inter-district transfers and how they affect enrollment.

VM Gupta - Asked if the city has spoken with the developer of the Sun Cal property to see if they can assist?

Advocacy -
Ms. Rouse - Is in favor of the Priority One site. Does like the site and would like to see staff spell out the challenges and what it would take to mitigate those issues. Still in favor of building a second comprehensive high school.

Ms. Miller - Stated she is nervous about the Priority One site but we should move forward with that Priority. Recommended that Mr. Sheldon collaborate and work closely with the facilities department. Would like the constraints with the Priority Two site so that it could work as a school site.

CM Gupta - Stated that the Army site is a little precarious. Would like a work-up on the other priorities such as the Chen property, with a possible land swap to make this work.

Ms. Miller - Stated we should begin looking at other school districts that have built comprehensive high schools on smaller acreage.

Ms. Rouse - Stated that the FMPC did look at other school districts and schools that were built on a smaller amount of acreage.

Mr. Hakim - Is in favor of Priority One but wants to see a list of what needs to be done to the land to make it usable. Having the steps all laid out would make it easier to understand. Would also like to look at Priority Two and see what needs to be done to convert Priority Two site to be used as a comprehensive high school.

Mr. Tomlinson - Likes the idea of the Priority One site and its cost will be good. The primary concern is what needs to be done to the site to get it ready for use and the fact that we don't have 10 years to wait for that site to house students. Feels we should continue to pursue it but also also look at other Priorities such as the Kaiser property. Stated that the issue of the site backing up to the freeway needs to be explored again to see what DSA factors are really an issue. Stated that although everyone would like a second high school, we may need to look at the use of our own school sites that may be used to relieve the overcrowding at Dublin High School.

CM Biddle - Stated that the district is taking on the job of what the developers would usually do to prepare a school site. With regard to Priority Two, the city depends on the revenue of the commercial property in the city and it will make it difficult to give up.

CM Hart - Does like the Priority One site although it will be a long process. Stated that he does not think the community would want to have a high school on the Priority Two land. Stated that the district and city need to continue to have dialog on this issue.

CM Gupta - Stated that Priority One may be the best site, it may have too many challenges to overcome. Does not think the use of commercial land that the citizens would not want to use is a good idea. Perhaps we need to get out of the box of what we think the high school should look like and look at making it work on a smaller site.

CM Wehrenberg - Stated that Priority One is doable and perhaps the district should work with other developers to come up with a solution. With regard to the DiManto property it does not appear to be a doable site. With the cost of building these days, efficiency is the key.

Mayor Haubert - Stated that a huge amount of work has gone into coming up with what the community wants to see to meet the needs of the high school growth issues. Sees the city's role as that of support. Personally, he would be in support of Priority One and thinks the city should go down the path to look at swapping land; and/or rezoning to something other than commercial so that this is not a hindrance to finding land of the second high school. Schools and supporting schools, even if it means giving up commercial land is something he is in favor of.

Mr. Cunningham - Stated that even with moving forward with looking at the other Priorities, we need to move ahead with the expansion of Dublin High School to meet the current needs over the next few years. Two issues we struggle with are time and costs. The cost continues to go up the longer it takes to get the school built. Feels that a satellite or smaller campus is something that we may need to consider.

Dr. Hanke - Stated that the sole source request with the Army that we are planning to put forward, could use the support of the city council so that it could assist and be part of the application.

Dr. Hanke - Asked that if the city was to provide a letter of support, could the letter be be ready in the next week or so in order to include it in the application packet.

Mr. Foss - Stated at the pleasure of the council he could be directed to prepare the letter to be signed on behalf of the mayor in order to expedite getting it to the district.
Joint City Council / School Board Presentation
E.2. City Revenue Measure - City
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The City Council will provide information on a possible City Revenue Measure.



Chris Foss, City Manager, City of Dublin
Linda Smith, Assistant City Manager, City of Dublin

Recommended Motion:
This is an information item.  There is no recommended action at this time.
Ms. Smith, Asst. City Manager presented information on a possible City Revenue Measure.Stated that on every test of viability with the community there has been a strong measure of support for the Measure. Stated that the city and the district have entered into conversations about this Measure and the city would ask for the district's support.

Mayor Haubert - Asked about the population growth in Dublin and how high it would reach in the next several years. Asked if the addition of police are included in this Measure.

Mr. Foss - Stated that city police and other similar services were not included in the proposed Measure.

Mr. Cunningham - Asked how much it would generate each year. Ms. Smith stated it would be approximately $6 million a year.

Ms. Miller - Asked if the district would be a partner in this and would receive some of the revenue from the Measure.

Ms. Smith - Stated that the district is not allowed by law to go out for a Revenue Measure but the district could show support of the measure. There is no legal mechanism to guarantee that funds would go to the district but there is a wide response from the community that they find schools, maintaining high quality teachers and providing safe and modern schools is of great interest to the community.

Mr. Cunningham - Asked what the tax rate would go up to. Ms. Smith stated that it would go up to 10%. There are no other cities in the tri-valley at that rate but another is looking at putting a Measure forward.

Mr. Foss - Stated that if the Measure is passed, the community wants to see those dollars stay in Dublin.

Mr. Cunningham - Stated that if the community supports this, it would be good for the District to support it.

Ms. Rouse - Asked if there is a time frame for this Measure. Ms. Smith stated it is yet to be determined.
E.3. Legislative Update: State Allocation Board - School District
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The district will provide an update on proposed Amendments to the State allocation Board's Financial Hardship Regulations. These amendments adds definitions to Section 1859.2 and adds Sections 1859.84, 1859.85 and 1859.86 to the State Allocation Board's Financial Hardship Regulations.

A draft of the proposed amendments is attached for review.


The Board of Trustees has taken a leading role in advoacting for state faciltiies funding for the District.  Multiple trips to Sacramento have been made by Trustees and the Superintendent since January.  Recently, Trustees Cunningham, Rouse, and Miller accompanied the Superintendent in a State Allocation Board (SAB) meeting this past week where  new regulations were proposed.

The proposed regulations include a definition of "extreme financial hardship" and a loan from the state to the SAB in the form of a line item budget for 2016-17 or another state source such as the Pooled Money Investment Fund.  The loan would be used to fund qualifying districts whose new construction projects are waiting funding on the "acknowledged list" of school facilities projects.

For Dublin that would mean reimbursement for Amador Elementary School and potentially funding for the Jordan Ranch school which is scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 2016.  The loan would be repaid pending the passage of the Public Education Facilities Bond Initiative in November 2016.  Also included in the proposed regulation is the immediate trigger for Level 3 Developer Fees if the state bond measure fails.  A copy of the proposed regulations is attached as back up to this item. 


Dublin has been working closely with Assemblymember Susan Bonilla, a member of the SAB, on this alternative funding plan.  Ms. Bonilla is supportive of the regulation as is Senator Steve Glazer.  The regulation along with further discussion about implementing Level 3 Developer Fees is scheduled to be discussed at the May 25 meeting. 

In addition, more than 1,100 community letters were delivered to the Governors Office at this latest trip to Sacramento.  Assemblymember Catherine Baker, who is very supportive of the district, assisted in setting this meeting up and in supporting the District's efforts with the SAB.

Financial Impact:
There is no financial impact to this item.  If, however, the proposed regulations are approved and funded, the District could see a reimbursement of $28.8 M for the cost of Amador Elementary School.  Future state funding for the Jordan Ranch School is also a potential should the regulations be approved and funded.

District Contacts:
Stephen Hanke, Ed.D., Superintendent
Board of Trustees

Recommended Motion:
This is an information item.  There is no required action at this time.
Dr. Hanke asked those Trustees who have been attending the State Allocation Board (SAB) meetings in Sacramento to offer their comments on where we are in the process.

Ms. Miller - Offered an overview and timeline of the process to date. Noted that Dublin USD is the first district in the state to come forward at a SAB meeting to ask for Level 3 fees. The district has asked for an agenda item on the issue of Level 3 fees. Since that time in March, developers and builders are now approaching the Board to ask what they can do to help us with the issues we are facing due to rapid growth. Stated that Senator Glazer is now assisting us by talking to committee members and other legislative aids that could assist us.

Mr. Cunningham - Stated that in the Proposed Amendments to the SAB's Financial Hardship Regulations, it should be noted that when the term "the Board" is used, it is not DUSD's Board but rather the State Allocation Board. For the state, this is a cash-flow issue. The Board (SAB)would be taking out a loan by way of an Advance of Funding Special Apportionment for eligible districts who have been harmed.

Mr. Tomlinson - Stated he applauds the efforts of the Trustees who have taken this forward to the SAB. This is precedent-setting in the State. In 2012 a statute was put into place that would keep districts from receiving Level 3 fees.

Mr. Cunningham - Stated that the 1100 letters that were brought to Sacramento and with Katharine Baker, they were delivered to the Governors office earlier this month.

Mr. Hakim - Stated that the Trustees will be returning to Sacramento when it is agendized.

Mr. Cunningham - Thanked everyone for attending the meeting this evening.

CM Hart - Stated that the Board should be commended for the job they have done in advocating for the district.
Proposed Amendments to the SAB Financial Hardship Regulations.pdf
E.4. Recognition and Thanks - Dublin Irish Guard Trip to Bray Ireland - City & School District
Quick Summary / Abstract:

The City Council and Board of Trustees will recognize members of the Dublin High School Irish Guard Band for their recent trip to Bray Ireland, where they were invited to participate in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. 


The Dublin High School Irish Guard recently took a trip to Bray Ireland to perform in local concerts and march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  By all accounts the trip was a big success with student and parent comments describing what a wonderful opportunity it was for those who attended. 

This evening, the City Council and the Board of Trustees will present certificates of congratulations to the DHS Irish Guard. 



Chris Foss, City Manager, City of Dublin
Stephen Hanke, Ed.D., Superintendent
Carol Shimizu, Principal, Dublin High School
Paul Everts, Band Director, Dublin High School

Recommended Motion:
This is an information item.  There is no recommended action.
Dr. Hanke introduced Michelle McDonald who showed a video of the Dublin Irish Guard during their trip to Bray Ireland, where they performed in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.
Diana Everts, parent volunteer and wife of Band Director Paul Everts was invited to come forward to offer a brief overview of the trip to Bray Ireland.

Mr. Cunningham - Stated he enjoyed watching the video's that were available to view upon their return.

Mayor Haubert - Stated he has had the honor of visiting Bray recently and Mayor Haubert brought back the award trophy for placing first in the parade competition. The mayor stated that the people of Bray are still talking about the DHS Band. The trophy was presented to Ms. Everts.

Ms. Rouse - Stated she is really glad that our students had the opportunity to attend and shine for Dublin.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 p.m.
Disability Information:
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Superintendent's Office(925-828-2551, ext 8002). Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting.
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